Our 2011 County Fair Exhibits

Fair is right around the corner. I am figuring out how to mat my photos, Mr. Lego is putting the finishing touches on his craft exhibit and all of the children are studying up on their rabbit knowledge and practicing for showmanship. It is going to be a crazy, fun-filled 5 days.

I thought you might want to see what we are entering:

This is the first photo I am entering....

...here is the second.

They will be matted and are also for sale as part of the photography sale at the fair.

Here is Mr. Lego's Clipper Ship, made out of corks that have been collected for many years.

Bookworm crocheted this afghan....

...and here is Dasher's rabbit.

We are actually entering all 7 of our rabbits this year.

Of course Nutsy will be with us; watching the competitions, eating fried zucchini and going on fair rides.

We'll be at the fair most of the time that the gates are open; if you are in the area and are planning to go, let me know and we can meet up with you!


  1. Wow, those are great pictures. Also, tell Bookworm that that is an amazing Afghan!!
    I hope we can come :D

  2. Your rabbit looks so clean and shiny with A there. I love the afghan! What a great job! That is a lot of work. The clipper ship is too fun. I like your photos, Charlotte! I hope they do well!


  3. Thanks, Kate! I'll probably update Facebook with how they are doing during the fair.


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