This Week At Our House

I have a few moments to blog, and I don't have anything that I have been thinking to blog about. But I did carry my camera around with me this week and took photos of what we did. I also took some photos of the kids at home. Sometimes I forget to do this; I take so many pictures when we are out and about, but I forget to capture the images of daily life.

So here is a photo post of our week:

This one is technically from last week but I just had to share this. We had a green dress-up contest at our 4-H meeting and this was what Mr. Lego looked like. And by no surprise, he won a three way tie for first. 

Remember this photo from my last Monday Musings? Well Jesse got it right on Facebook and Nancy S. got it right on my blog! This is our new Governor's office, and that is all I am going to say about that. :-)

We did go to the Capitol as part of one of our 4-H projects and went inside both the Senate and Assembly rooms. This is the Senate.

Saturday we went to our library's used book sale; we picked up about 30 new books. (At least new to us.)

This is one of the many advantages of having older children; Saturday I asked Bookworm to make some chocolate cookies and she mixed them up, baked them and cleaned everything up by herself. I love it that she really enjoys baking.

I have told this sweet child at least 5 times a day to get her thumb out of her mouth. But then my heart melts. How can I get upset at this precious face?

At our Rabbit Project meeting this week, Mr. Lego did his presentation for everyone there. This is great practice for him as we go to sectionals next week...

Dasher spent a chunk of the afternoon making houses and streets out of our supply of wooden blocks and Lincoln logs.

And this is what I found Bookworm doing this afternoon; crocheting a small scarf for a doll and listening to Farmer Boy on CD.

Just another week in our house.


  1. I loved this post, Charlotte! Its fun to see a week in your life :)
    I remember field trips with great fondness. You guys still live in CA, yes? That means you were at Jerry Browns' office? Ugh... but very cool you got to see it. I liked your comment on that topic, so funny :)

    I love the blocks play! Matthew, Emily and I used to set up whole towns with blocks and then we'd use the Play Mobile people to fill them. Fun memories.

    I showed Ethan your son's green picture and he said "it looks like he's turning into the Hulk!" ;)

  2. we also have a thumb sucker in our house... he keeps getting told to stop, but then I know the day he does will be a sad day for me :(

  3. So sweet! Jimmy wins for Mr. Saint Patrick to me!

    I love library book sales, but there are never any good ones in my area.

    I loved spending time with you on Sunday!

  4. That picture of Nutsy is heart melting. Aw!!!
    My two oldest are still fond of sucking. Mo is the only one who doesn't. And she nursed the longest. I wonder if the older two are scarred from being weaned too early. Maybe?

  5. @Stef, yes we are in CA and that is Brown's office... :-)And I am totally going to be sad too when Nutsy stops sucking her thumb.

    @Kate, I had SO much fun hanging out with you too on Sunday! Happy St. Patty's Day!

  6. @Erin, That is an interesting only two that were thumb suckers are Dasher and Nutsy. (And another weird thing; they are the two left-handers) I nursed Dasher the shortest because she was in the hospital for so long (nursed her 5 months) and Nutsy I nursed the longest (18 months). I really do wonder what it is that makes them do it. I did suck my thumb....maybe genetics?


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