Spring Cleaning

I enjoy blogs, both reading others and writing on my own. And I appreciate the relationships that form and in some ways, that keep me accountable. Remember my Joy in the Morning? I did wake up at 6am for a whole month and learned a lot about using my time wisely, being a good example for my kids and the importance of good, caffeinated coffee.  And the main reason I completed it was because I was making it public and, in a sense, asking all of you to keep me accountable.

Which leads me to another challenge I am going to try. Spring cleaning. The very words, depending on my mood, can either challenge me to the occasion, or send me running for the hills. Especially with 4 messy sweet helpers. And the homeschooling. And the cooking. And everything else that happens in this house.

But I love it when this

becomes this.

This challenge came from a blog I have recently found; I have actually known the mother-in-law of this blogger since I was young. And though I have never met Anna, I have been impressed with her no-nonsense cleaning and cooking tips that are simple, yet get the job done.


So starting on April 2nd, (actually April 4th for me....I don't check blogs on weekends) I will start following her suggested schedule for cleaning vents (I don't remember if mine have ever been cleaned), doors (I am thinking to definitely enlist the help of the troops for all this), and anything else that needs cleaning in my house (which basically means everything).

I am sure these need cleaning....I don't think I have taken them down since we moved here. 

 I have cleaned these, but with no regularity.

And up here? I cringe to think of what I might find up there.

 She also wrote a post listing the supplies that will be needed. (This is actually what convinced me to join this cleaning party; I had most everything on the list.) So if you feel so inclined, pop over to her blog and join the fun!


  1. I love this! I love Spring cleaning too. I do my "once a year" cleaning on that day. Vinegar down the deck and scrub it, go through clothes to give to charity, etc... otherwise I try to do these household things once a month or so. Otherwise I get SO behind and then I feel super overwhelmed. Loved the before and after pictures!!

  2. Thanks Stef, for commenting! I have never done a 'Spring Cleaning' before; I do have weekly and monthly chores on a list that I do. I will get the urge to clean things at other times of the year, (usually the fall for some reason), so I am excited to see if this helps me get more organized with those jobs that only need to be done once a year. :-)


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