Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That we had better have some baby rabbits soon. We missed the market competition last year at the fair, (where the kids can get some auction money to continue our rabbit project) and if we don't have some hairless, pink babies out in the rabbitry this week, we will miss it again this year.

What I'm reading: Not really anything for myself this week; we are still reading Penrod  together and the children started reading the Landmark book The Crusades by Anthony West as part of school.

What I'm listening to: Right this moment I am hearing: A nameless child chewing cereal at the table, (I have a thing for that and am trying to be okay with it right now,) two others are playing with toy cars and making car sounds behind me, and another is brushing his teeth upstairs.

What we're learning: This week we are learning about Jews in the Middle Ages, Richard the Lionhearted, and the Shoguns and Samurai of Japan in history, and question #36 in the catechism. In our co-op I am going to do a fun activity about inflation and have a real hunt for gold. I was planning to have this outside, but after seeing the weather forecast this week, it will happen in our living room.

What I'm watching: My Sweetie and I watched the Bourne movies over the weekend; those are entertaining to watch when you want something brainless to do.

What's cooking: Tonight I am making Pesto Chicken Pasta, or as some of my children call it Green Chicken, and a nice loaf of sourdough bread.

What I'm buying: I do cook a lot of Asian/Japanese dishes and need to run down to the Asain Market in the next town for some things later this week.

What I'm thankful for: The lessons that God is teaching me. This last week there were a couple twists and turns that humbled me and showed that I still have a long way to go, but God is good and I need to rest in His providence.

What I'm creating: Right now I can't think of anything that I am creating. I am trying to 'create' our garden, but the rain this weekend and all this week is pushing those plans off.

What I'm praying: That I will remember what God has done in the past, hope in His redeeming work, and obey His commandments. (From a convicting sermon we heard yesterday morning on Psalm 78)

What I'm planning: I have planned out everything for co-op except the last week of this month; that meeting is a little more laid back then the others. We usually have an extended art history lesson thanks to my dear friend, then have a more extensive craft for everyone. Since I don't think all the moms want to have 15 children simultaneously pounding out designs on tin cans with hammers (making 'Gold Rush' lanterns), I am thinking we will do a more seasonal craft about Spring.

What we did this last weekend: I am feeling a bit of a spring cleaning urge, so the girls and I cleaned out the pantry in the kitchen on Saturday and organized it all. And I am embarrassed to say I found a chocolate scone mix in there that had expired in 2006...  Sunday we went to church and during Sunday school I taught the K-1st grade class. They are such cuties. Then we had some friends over for pasta, salad and Speed Scrabble, then back for evening worship.

What I'm looking forward to: Our week is shaping up to be a quiet one. The only big thing on the calendar is the Sectional Presentation Day this Saturday, where Mr. Lego and Bookworm will give their presentations again.

A picture to share:

~This is one I randomly picked from my was taken 2 years ago at China Beach. And look how much my children have grown in 2 years....