Monday Musing

What I'm thinking: That it is no fun being sick. And that folks, is why I completely missed my Monday Musing last week and have not blogged in 12 days. But I am getting better and feel pretty much back to normal today.

What I'm reading: While I was in bed so much, I read Dead Lucky: Life After Death on Mt. Everest by Lincoln Hall. An amazing story about this man's survival.

What I'm listening to: Right now Everlasting God by Lincoln Brewster is on our radio station. What an awesome God we have!

What we're learning: We are back to school this week and studying the Westminster Shorter Catechism question #34 in Bible. Then we will also be learning all about Leif Ericsson, Macbeth of Scotland and El Cid in history.

What I'm watching: Over the weekend my Sweetie and I watched The Right Stuff. I have always loved the space race and like watching this movie.

What's cooking: Tonight I am making Hamburger Soup in the crock pot. I will tell you, my crock pot saved us this last week.

What I'm buying: I can't think of anything I need to buy this week right off hand...I am thinking to have a gold hunt for the younger group of kiddos in our co-op so I need to maybe get some gold spray paint....

What I'm thankful for: That we were just sick with the flu. There are a couple people I know right now that are looking at death in the face...when I think of them, my health issues seem very small indeed.

What I'm creating: I am almost finished with my photography class which means I need to write that review. I also have to begin creating a portfolio of photos that shows my style of photography. Which is a great question.....what is my style? I have no clue.

What I'm praying: That instead of trying to get my trials done with and over quickly,  I would look at what lessons the Lord is trying to teach me through them.

What I'm planning: Having lost all of last week, I am very behind on my co-op planning. I am teaching about the Gold Rush for the next three weeks and have a lot of catch up to do.

What we did this last weekend: On Saturday the two older children did their presentations at our 4-H County Presentation Day. They did great and got gold! So now they will move onto Sectionals which are the end of March. Yesterday we heard an encouraging sermon on Psalm 39 and hoping in the Lord, then a relaxing afternoon at home.

What I'm looking forward to: We have a quiet week this week which is good. The only thing on my calendar is our co-op meeting. And I cannot believe that tomorrow is March....

A picture to share:

~We did have snow in our forecast last week, but got this crazy hail storm instead. The girls had their own 'hail' fight.


  1. Hmmm... photography style. Do they have a list of categories to pick from? ;) What I like most about your photography is the emotion and joy you try to capture. :)

    I agree with you on your desire not to just "get the trial over with". Ouch.

    And I do not know this Hamburger Soup of which you speak....hehe ;)

    Love you!

  2. Dawn, sadly there is not a list to choose from. I have to write an essay explaining my photography style and include 3 images that show that. It is interesting that you mentioned emotion...that is one thing that I feel I learned a lot about during this course. Now to just think of how to portray other news, I think I finished the review for this course! I know you would understand how happy that makes me... :-)

    The sermon on Sunday talked about not wanting that trial over with. Would highly recommend listening to it. And the one from the week before....the one we both missed. Would like to hear your opinion sometime on it.

    And we love the Hamburger Soup too! Nancy S is becoming quite famous with it. :-)

  3. Sorry to barge in on your blog. I came across an old post about rabbit cages you built. I had a similar design in mind and was wondering how the angled drop trays worked out? Do you have any tips or anything you would do differently if you built them again?

    Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Tammy, thank for reading my blog! I was just thinking that I had not done a rabbit post in a while and updated how things were going...

    We actually re-designed the cages. The angled drop trays ended up getting pretty yucky and then maybe only 2/3 of the droppings made it into the containers. As a result, the dirt area under the cages became a slush of you-know-what....pretty disgusting.

    So we actually contacted Bass Equipment:

    and had them make metal trays to fit underneath each cage. My husband built guides with strips of wood so the trays sit horizontally underneath. This surprisingly did not cost that much. If you have not started building at all I would recommend checking out KW cages:

    If we were doing it all over again we would have just bought from them....we actually spent more money building the cages ourselves.

    I hope this helps!


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