I Am Now the Mother of a 14 Year-Old

Time is sure strange. I remember when I was young and just could not wait for the summer. Or for Christmas. I would go to bed one night in March and wish I could wake up the next morning in June. Time is constant, but in my mind it is flying right now. It felt like a good pace when I got married, got a teeny bit faster when we started having children, but now it is zooming by at light speed. Proof of this is the fact that up until July of last year, I thought my 13 year old son was only 12. I would even mess up his grade level when asked. (Since we homeschool, grade levels are not a big deal.) So really I have only been mentally aware that he has been 13 for about 6 months, and now I have to make my brain believe I have a 14 year old?! I am sure I will be in denial of this for a while....but time keeps going, so Happy Birthday, Mr. Lego.

My boy, you are a good friend. You like being with people, talking and hanging out.

You are a hard worker. You mow the lawn, sweep out the garage, and are there to help me lift things when I can't. Remember that bookshelf yesterday? I could not budge it, and you carried it up the stairs for your weakling mother.

You like adventure. I don't think I have heard you say that you are scared of something. And airplanes, cars and things that move have always intrigued you.

You really like 4-H. And this last year I have been happy to see you step up and do some things that I didn't think I would have had the courage to do when I was 12....I mean 13. Like being the substitute secretary for our club meeting last month, or, when finding out that no one was doing a project report, stepping in and on the spur of the moment preparing and delivering one.

You like to serve. If you had your way, every Christmas and Thanksgiving, we would spend the whole week helping out at the food bank.

You are wearing my sweatshirt. Yes, every now and then I find something missing from my closet; you are now 3 inches taller than me and still growing. I don't mind; there aren't that many articles of clothing that we would both wear. But you might have to talk to Dad about that....

You love sports. Football, baseball, rollerblading, wrestling, swimming, soccer....we don't do any organized sports, but you love playing with dad or your friends and sisters.

And you love to eat. Here you are, on your birthday, with my Double Chocolate Trifle. (I'll post that recipe someday)

Happy Birthday, my son! May God continue to sanctify you and draw you closer to Him as you become a man. And this year, may you learn more, grow taller and become stronger. And not just in your body, but in your heart.


  1. what a beautiful post! and, so exciting that he shares mine and Ethan's birthday! I was 14 years old when I met Jason... can you believe that?! Doesn't seem that long ago.

    I loved this - thank Charlotte!

  2. Oh, Charlotte, this post made me cry. I am happy for you and for Jimmy and the time you have shared. I think about my little guy who will be turning 8 in a few weeks. I can hardly believe it. Children are, indeed, a blessing from the Lord. Yet, we are still mindful that they do not belong to us, but to the Lord, and He is in charge of their lives and their hearts. It is an awesome truth to consider.

    Hugs to you, my friend, and Happy Birthday to your young man!



  3. I still cannot believe this Charlotte! The kids are going to catch up to us soon - LOL! :) Hugs!


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