As a part of our co-op we have been doing a weekly nature study. I really love Charlotte Mason and her ideas, with nature study and notebooking being a big part of this. Unfortunately that has been my weakness. After we finish Bible, math, grammar, history, and logic, and I explain for the third time that steak has a long a sound and speak has a long e sound (and I don't really know why), and I explain fractions, decimals and brain is fried. So I was so thankful when my dear friend volunteered to do a weekly study with our co-op. And we have had a great time and learned a lot so far this year. Each week we do something different....a tree study, whales, indigenous flowers, and this week the GBBC.

I had never heard of the GBBC or the Great Backyard Bird Count before. Basically it works like this: for 4 days, people all over the United States count birds. You can do either a stationary count (standing in your backyard), or a traveling count (while on a walk or nature trail). You count for 15 minutes or so, and then you enter onto the official site the number of birds you saw and what species they were. On the site there is a section on bird identification that really helps you figure out what kind of birds you are seeing. You can count each day of the GBBC or count only once, it is up to you. This year the GBBC is February 18-21 which is this weekend.

This would be a great way for you and your kids to get outside and notice the birds around you. On the site there is a spot for kids with craft ideas, games and more information. We'll be out least on Friday, and I am planning to do a couple activities with the kids on bird identification. Join us!


  1. I think I'll just read this to the class today! I love it!!! :D So glad you are looking forward to this! We are too. :)

  2. Cool, Charlotte! We'll plan to join in, too. How fun!

  3. Great photos Charlotte. I totally am with you on trying to fit in the great "extras". Math and grammar end up being the whole curriculum. We have been trying to read through A Pocket Full of Pinecones by Karen Andreola which has been a fun way of learning nature study ideas, and thankfully my kids have outdoor space to do their own "nature study" while I get busy with meal prep, cleaning and home administration.:)

  4. @Dawn, I am *so* glad you told me about this! If it wasn't for you then I don't think I would have known about it!

    @Erin, I really love how you can just go count and it gets you outside. I'm glad you can do it too!

    @Jennifer, I am really glad you are blogging! We need more wise homeschooling moms to get advice from. And I have heard great things about A Pocket Full Of Pinecones. I am so thankful for our is really helping with filling the extras this year. :-)

  5. Thanks, Stef. I took those last summer. I don't think we will be seeing any humming birds this weekend. :-)


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