Day at the Museum

Hi my name is Mr. Lego and I am reporting on the Academy of Science. First we went to the Planetarium and saw the show. I thought that it is better than Imax. They talked a lot about evolution; they showed the big bang and lots of other false things. Next we went to the rainforest, it was so hot in there! There were lots of butterflies and birds and spiders. My favorite animal in the rainforest was the Poison Dart Frogs, they look so cool with their bright colors. Lastly we went to the aquarium and saw lots of fish and sea creatures. They even had a diver who dove down in one tank with 3 other divers that had over 2500 fish in it! We saw Jellyfish and stingrays....and we saw a 20 foot fish - the biggest one there! I would like to go back and see the Poison Dart Frogs and the spiders.

This is a pendulum that swings with earth's gravity. 

This is a Poison Dart Frog. It is fake, but there were real ones in cages.

This is a Jellyfish.

This is one of the divers in the tank with the 2500 fish.