San Fransciso and New Years

On the way home from the Bay Area we stopped in one of our favorite city's; San Francisco. Our first stop was Japantown. They had remodeled it in the last few years and there are lots of shops to look at and fake food to drool over.

Of course we had to stop for our annual purchase of Taiyaki. Sweetie and I had a red bean one and the kids opted for chocolate.

This time the Taiyaki lady was making them so we stopped to watch for a while.

For some reason there is a lot of French influence in Japan. There is a European bakery in Japantown and also a crepe shop. We chose the crepes. A chocolate filled crepe with extra whipped cream.

Needing some exercise, we headed outside. To Lombard Street. We had driven down it a few times but never walked it, so after parking and then walking past all the cars in line, we started down the stairs.

This really is a beautiful city, but you could not pay me to live on that street with all that traffic.

Anything that we walk down we eventually have to walk back up; so after a small breather we headed back up the 221 steps. (Mr. Lego and Bookworm counted.) But we were rewarded with this view of the bridge at the top.

Final stop was Fisherman's Wharf where, with about 7,000 other people, we enjoyed a bowl of clam chowder and a loaf of sourdough bread.

I know this stuff is such the tourist thing to do, but the kids love it and we are building great memories.

After a couple relaxing days at home, we had our New Year's Eve party at a friends home. Mr. P. was the game mastermind and did not disappoint this year.

Here is Bookworm, being the one who volunteered to have her team stuff her into a big shirt with as many balloons as they could.

Dasher is working on getting those balloons blown up....

Here is me and my Sweetie, and from how we look, I would say this is sometime before midnight.

The night was still young to many, so lots of us playing Speed Scrabble into the wee hours.

The next morning we awoke to snow! The kids were thrilled and so were the parents: this meant that the snow trip we had planned for the next day could happen right in their backyard and we didn't have to go out and freeze in the snow.

More games the next day; lots of fun logic ones that when done on only 5 hours of sleep are really hard. Try this one:

Mary's mom has four children.
The first child is called April.
The second May.
The third June.
What is the name of the fourth child?

When you finally get that one you want to bang your head against the wall, especially if you are sleep deprived.

There was another food game and who do you think got the bag with the baby food in it? Mr. Lego.

We had a great time this year with family, friends and just with our kiddos.

Happy 2011!!


  1. Fun post! What is in Taiyaki? It looks yummy. We have fun doing "touristy" things too, hey- they became popular for a reason, right? :)

  2. Exactly, Krista!

    Traditionally inside Taiyaki is red bean paste, which is sweetened. I do like it, but they also sell chocolate and banana-chocolate filled ones too. The kids prefer those. :-)

  3. I love going to SF. You got some wonderful photos!
    Your new year's sounds like fun, too.
    (The name of the 4th daughter in the riddle is Mary, right? :))

  4. Yes Erin, that is the answer! What is really sad is that it took 8 grown up people about 10 minutes to get it. Our excuse is that we were up until 2am the night before... :-)


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