Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: I'm thinking about how much I don't want to go out into the freezing garage and work out. It must be 40 degrees out there....

What I'm reading: Right now I am reading a Landmark book called The Vikings by Elizabeth Janeway to the kids. We are continuing our study of the Vikings this week and this book is helping it come alive.

What I'm listening to: Chattering voices upstairs. The bird chirping. The heater coming on. :-)

What we're learning: We are starting question 29 in the Shorter Catechism, and learning about Iceland, the Maori and the Zimbabwe of Africa in history. The older children are working hard on their 4-H presentations and Dasher is doing narrations from 101 Dalmatians this week.

What I'm watching: Heavy frost on the grass and rooftops. It has seriously been cold here; the only time I am truly warm now is under my covers at 2am or when I am taking a hot shower.

What's cooking: Tonight I am making Leek and Potato Soup with Parmesan Toasts.

What I'm buying: I can't think of anything I need to buy this week. But big shopping is next week so I need to get going on my lists and menus....

What I'm thankful for: My precious children. I am so thankful that (for the most part) they get along, stick up for each other and help each other out. For the most part....

What I'm creating: I am knitting a crochet hook holder thingy for Bookworm. I have noticed that she looses her hooks and I find them in the most interesting places, so I am knitting her something to keep them in.

What I'm praying: For those around me who are dealing with serious illnesses. That the doctors would have wisdom and that if it is God's will He would heal them.

What I'm planning: This week is my last week of teaching The Lord's My Shepherd to the children in our co-op. I have really enjoyed dissecting that hymn and explaining the words.

What we did this last weekend: We sold one of our rabbits Saturday morning and then did things around the house. After church and Sunday school we had a couple families over for fried won tons, California rolls and miso. We had a great time eating, fellowshipping, and playing Taboo.

What I'm looking forward to: We have our 4-H club meeting tomorrow where Mr. Lego is filling in for the secretary that night. Then co-op is Wednesday and we have a field trip on Thursday.

A picture to share:

~Takes this last week as I was trying to get some landscape portraits for my photography class.