Family Christmas

After church on the 26th, we headed to the Bay Area to visit family. The first stop was to visit Auntie, Uncle and Obachan. She had made yummy Japanese food for us. Here is the cousins' table.

And here is what we ate, Sukiyaki. Yum-yum.

We took a nice walk and them came back and checked out their new video game system: Kinect. It is crazy, but the thing scans your body and then you play the game, making movements to either hit the ball, ride down the rapids, or dodge the bullet. Basically making you look like a fool to everyone around you.

Here is Mr. Lego and Cousin #3 playing it.

My sister-in -law and I had a turn; I had hid my camera so no one got embarrassing photos of us.

The next morning we had breakfast and the boys played Risk.

Hanging out with cousins is always so fun. It is also great having Obachan live closer to us and seeing her at Christmas time.

The next stop was Grandpa & Grandma's house. They had planned out our afternoon; the guys all went to see the newest Narnia movie in 3D.

The girls went to a very lovely tea party together. We had sandwiches, scones and cake.

We came back and then after dinner and a nice walk to the park, we had hot cider and cookies.

Then with Mr. Lego and Bookworm, we all played Phase 10. I think Grandma won.

We are very blessed to have both sides of our family within a days drive of us. And we had a lovely time visiting them all!


  1. loved seeing all the Christmas pictures! I also got a kick out of seeing the boys playing Kinect - I'm aching to get my hands on one :)

  2. It's really fun, Stef. but so addicting! That's why I love it that a couple friends we know have one and we play just a few times a year. :-)


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