Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Those Rabbits.........

Those rabbits are going to be the death of me. Or at least make my day a not very good one. Yesterday we found our that our second doe, Thelma Lou is not pregnant either. So this is two strikes, no baby rabbits, which I also found out yesterday means no market show at the County Fair. (due to weight and age restrictions) This was a big bummer to us; the rabbits in meat market at our Fair all go to auction. And are bought up by people or businesses that want to support 4-H and pay crazy prices for 3 little rabbits. We are planning to go to State Fair also, but only the top two in market go to auction and I would bet tons that we would be no way close to top two at State. So we were all moping around yesterday. I was a bit snappy at the kids and they were picking at each other and our home was not a fun place to be. I know it might seem silly to you, but I was really not happy about the whole thing. Then a couple things happened. First my heart began to change. Really God is the one who changed my heart and my outlook on the situation. I began to realize it is just really not worth it to get upset over this and worse, take it out on my kids. Second, last night we watched this video. It is a illustrated talk by Louie Giglio, who uses the stars, planets and incredible images from Hubble to show us how big our God is. And after seeing how huge He is, how small I am, and how amazing it is that Christ came and died for me, the rabbit problem seems very, very small indeed. In fact, God planned my little rabbit problem! I am not sure why (probably to teach me patience, or that things don't always go my way, or endurance...) but I can rest in the fact that He is in control of all things.

So now about those rabbits....the babies are doing well. They are 4 1/2 weeks now and so big to us!

Here they were at 10 days....

Here is one at 2 1/2 weeks....

And here is one today, at almost 5 weeks.

They look totally identical and are still too young to determine if they are male or female. When they were smaller the kids called them all 'younglings' but not anymore. One of them for the last two weeks would not open one of his eyes. This is a problem, so we named him 'Stu' and kept trying to soak his eye. Just a couple days ago the kids raced in from the rabbitry and his eyes was better. So much better now, that we can't tell them apart again. So they all have a variety of names right now....Fatso, Runner, Hopper... and the kids love holding them and playing with them in the living room. We intend to raise these babies for a while longer and, since they have a really good pedigree, sell them as breeding rabbits in the summer.

Here is what the rabbitry looks like now:

Thelma Lou in the picture above is trying to fool us by using her nesting box as a bed and eating all the hay out of it. Sneaky girl.....

The babies are so cute! But are growing way fast and in no time will be as big as their parents. Here are the babies:

We are still going to County Fair; the older children can do showmanship (where they show a rabbit, and are judged on their performance) and there is a always a breed show (a judge looks at your rabbit and judges it against others in the same class). And then next week we will breed the does for State Fair in July. And when I woke up this morning, not being able to participate in the meat market competition at County Fair was just fine with me.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I have about 5 loads of laundry to fold upstairs and a review that is due for this great homeschooling magazine.
What I'm reading:
Passionate Housewives Desperate For God this week, I am almost finished with this really good book.
What I'm listening to:
At this moment, Blessed Be Your Name by Tree 63.
What we're learning:
This week in history we are learning about Socrates, Hippocrates, and Ezra and Artaxerxes; and we're studying Shorter Catechism question #13.
What I'm watching:
My Sweetie and I are almost finished with the first set of Bleak House episodes; it took me a while but I am now hooked.
What's cooking: I have clam chowder on the menu but we might be having leftover Gyudon with rice.
What I'm buying:
Today I went out and bought three heirloom tomato plants and some strawberry plants for our garden.
What I'm thankful for:
The blessings of grace.
What I'm creating:
I hope some baby rabbits. Flo was not pregnant so we are breeding her for the next three days. And I am also hoping that Thelma Lou kindles tonight.
What I'm praying:
That God will continue to give me wisdom and patience as I parent.
What I'm planning:
I am seriously looking into curriculum for next year....Vocabulary from Classical Roots, Spelling Workout, Mind Benders and Writing Skills.
What I'm looking forward to:
No co-op this week for Spring break, so a friend and her daughters are going to join us at the zoo that day.
A picture to share:

~Just had to share this......

Thursday, March 25, 2010

12 Books Review #1

So I have slowly been whittling away at my book list. Slower than I would have liked but I am determined to finish on time. One thing I have noticed, all books are not created equal. When I started I thought that I would consistently read one book a month; well that is not taking into account The History of Redemption's 358 thought-provoking pages versus the dramatic Quo Vadis which took me a record 9 days to read. So the goal is still the same, 12 books in 12 months, but maybe not at that pace. Here is what I think of what I have read so far:

Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift - This book was an interesting read. It is basically four adventures that Gulliver has; first with the little people, then in a land where he is the little person, then in a land, or island that floats in the sky, and finally in a land where horses rule the earth. In my version the prologue wrote about how Jonathan Swift was using this book to show a satirical view of European governments and the petty differences of religions. I was thankful for the prologue hint because I am naive and don't know if I would have seen it. I did see the point he was trying to make and it was intriguing, but sad in some ways to see the selfishness of man.

From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne - I love Jules Verne. He is one of my favorite authors, with his rich plots and deep English. But this book was not my favorite of his works. I didn't know what the plot was before I started the book, but found it disappointing that the story ends as the rocket leaves the earth. The story makes up for that though, with its incredible predictions about space travel and its comical look at the gun club, whose members will shoot cannons at anything. I did find out recently that there is a sequel by Verne titled Round the Moon which I just put on hold at my library.

Humility, The Forgotten Virtue by Wayne A Mack- This was a powerful book. Humility is truly forgotten, and during my perusal of this book I realized how prideful I am. The book first talks about our attitude of humility towards God in seeing our own depravity and sinfulness. Then it addresses being humble towards those around us and talks about not being stubborn, arrogant and wanting to be noticed by others. I appreciated the organized style of the book and the simple yet profound things the author suggests we can do to become more humble. A very good read.

The Mother At Home by John SC Abbott - This book was originally written in 1833. I thought that a parenting book written so long ago might have irrelevant portions in it, but I was pleasantly surprised by its practical approach. One thing that stuck out to me in this book is how much emphasis is put on my attitude and if I have or strive for the virtues that I expect and train in my children. There are many practical examples that cut to the heart, and show how serious first time obedience is in child training. I would highly recommend this to any parent.

Quo Vadis by Henryk Sienkiewicz - This was a book that was very hard for me to put down! Set in the time of Nero, it is a story about a Christian girl and a Roman officer who converts to Christianity. I loved the contrast between the sinful worldliness of the Roman public versus the simplicity and love that the Christians had. It does go into detail about Nero's persecution of believers and the degeneration of Rome so I would recommend it for late high school age and up.

And that's it at this point! I have been reading The History of Redemption since January and also just started Passionate Housewives Desperate For God this week. I do think I will finish my goal of getting done by August 2010. And please if you have any good books you have read this year, leave me a comment with the title and why you liked it....I am always on the look out for a good read and for the 2011 book list!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Day With My Sweetie

This last Saturday my Sweetie and I got away for the day. Got away as in just by ourselves, the two of us, for about 8 hours. This is an important thing. Not because everyday life for me is overwhelming, but because it is good reminder of what is important. Sometimes as moms, we throw ourselves into parenting and housework and cooking, and neglect that one person in our lives who started this whole thing. That one person who I hope to end my days here on earth with. Someday it will be just the two of us alone, and the patter of little feet will be only heard when the grandchildren visit. (which I pray will be very often) But for now it is so important to carve out that little space for the two of us. Which we did, grateful to the grandparents who volunteered to watch the munchkins for us. They by the way had a fun day planned for them; going to play at a park, then off the see a high school musical production of Fiddler on the Roof and finally a pizza dinner.

This is what we did. First we headed to the City, and the Ferry Building Marketplace where a massive farmers market was taking place with great looking produce.

So many yummy things....handmade pasta, gourmet olive oil, organic eggs and every kind of vegetable you could imagine.
There was even an oyster stand with raw oysters. My Sweetie had to have one.

No thanks. Next we headed up to Fisherman's Wharf for lunch. Of course in the City you have to have seafood....

We walked around a bit, watching some of the sidewalk shows and peeking in shops. Then we drove around the Presidio and took in some nice views of the City. Then down scenic Highway 1 to the beach. This is one of my favorite drives anywhere.

We went down to Half Moon Bay and just down the beach from where he proposed to me almost 15 years ago, we found a nice quiet spot to have a little snack.... we sat and watched the waves.

Just my Sweetie and I.

It was such an invigorating day, not because my energetic children were not with me, but because I was fostering that relationship that is so important to me. A relationship that in many ways is so much more important than any other human relationship. I encourage you to have some time alone with your mate. If it is just for coffee, or even a weekend away, it is so important to your marriage. Trade off with another family or take those grandparents and extended family up on their offer to watch the little ones for you while you spend some time together, just the two of you.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That it is going to be a long day....I was up three times last night with Nutsy and some persistent ear pain she was having. :-(
What I'm reading: I am almost finished with Quo Vadis....I could not put this book down! I'm also planning a post reviewing the books I have read so far in my book challenge.

What I'm listening to:
The Return of the King soundtrack is playing while the kids are doing their independent schoolwork.
What we're learning:
About Xerxes I, Esther and Athens in history, Mr. Lego is reciting 'The Months' by Sara Coleridge in co-op on Wednesday, and we are planning a trip to the small zoo in our town later this week.
What I'm watching:
A little bunny falling asleep in Bookworm's arms.
What's cooking: I'm making Chick-pea Creamy Soup with Potato Rolls
for dinner tonight.
What I'm buying:
I am heading out real quick this afternoon for more children's Motrin for Nutsy.
What I'm thankful for:
For my Love and the special day we had Saturday while the grandparents watched the kids for us.
What I'm creating:
A different perspective....I am thinking to move furniture around in the kids room. Change is always fun.
What I'm praying:
For our nation; and remembering that God is in control.
What I'm planning:
My last week of teaching in co-op is this week so I am putting the finishing touches on the lesson. All about high mountains and glaciers.....
What I'm looking forward to:
Hopefully more baby rabbits later this week!
A picture to share:

~Saturday, March 20, 2010. Half Moon Bay, California.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That we had a busy weekend and now I am paying for it as I am tired and not feeling 100% today.
What I'm reading:
I finished the Mother At Home and so I started Quo Vadis by Henryk Sienkiewicz. So far I am liking it a lot.
What I'm listening to: The dryer, the washer and the kids chattering in the living room.
What we're learning:
About the Roman Republic and the Battle of Marathon in history, Aquatic herps (reptiles and amphibians) in Science and protege is our vocabulary word for the week.
What I'm watching:
Sun streaming through the windows with mid 70's on the temperature gauge this week.
What's cooking:
Fusilli with mozzarella and peppers is what I'm making tonight, with a green salad and french bread.
What I'm buying: I need to go out and buy some shavings and Timothy Hay for the baby rabbits that are due to be born in a week and a half.
What I'm thankful for:
Precious friends that we spent the weekend with!
What I'm creating:
Lesson plans for my last two weeks of teaching co-op.
What I'm praying:
For patience....the kids seem to be in a bickering mood today.
What I'm planning:
A day trip with just my Sweetie and I this weekend.
What I'm looking forward to:
Our 4-H rabbit project this week, a St. Patrick's Day party in co-op and going to the grandparents this weekend.
A picture to share:

~This was taken in early 2006.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Evening Dance

This last Friday we had our church's fancy Ball. Now this is not your typical crazy dancing-whatever-goes thing, but practiced folk dances that have definite steps and movements. Before this I had never done any dancing really; I was homeschooled from 5th grade on, so I never went to a prom (my Sweetie says I didn't miss a thing). But I found that I really enjoyed dancing; spinning and waltzing around was really fun. We all practiced together for the last 5 months, learning the Swedish Finn Mixer, Posties Jig and Maple Leaf Rag to name a few.

So the big night arrived. All the young people had been choosing out dresses and suits, learning about dance etiquette and proper gentlemanly and lady-like manners.

Here are some sweet girls before the can see Bookworm on the left.

All the single people had dance cards which the girls wore around their wrists, so before the dance began, the young gentlemen asked the young ladies for different dances and filled up their cards.

A couple of suave guys.....hey wait a minute, I know that one on the right...

First up was Zemur Atik or better known as the Pizza Dance.

This one is Ankellini but we just call it the Butterfly Dance. We pretty much made up our own names for some of these because some of the names you can't even pronounce. That is me and my Sweetie dancing on the left in the next picture. (And yes, I am shoeless. Those black heels only lasted halfway through the second dance.)

Little cuties checking to see what dance is next....

Here you see me, my Sweetie and Bookworm dancing Troika or as we liked to call it, High-Intensity Aerobics Dance.

And for the little ones, the Bouquet Polka. Except this one turns into Lets See Who Can Run The Fastest Dance. There's Dasher...

Of course during intermission we needed yummy munchies to fortify ourselves.

Dancing the Ijswaltz....

And the Doublebska Polka, or La-La Dance.

Of course Nutsy was there but mostly playing it the back room, although she did make an appearance for the Bouquet Polka...

And finally everyone's favorite, The Sitting Dance. I really wished I knew the real name to this is kind of an Israeli tune with this guy singing words we don't understand. We all do hand motions and they get faster and faster with the little kids doing much better than the adults.

This was a great opportunity for our son to be a gentlemen to many beautiful ladies, for our daughters to get to dressed up and act like princesses for an evening, and for all of us to have a fun night dancing!

*If you want to see some video of our family dancing that night, you can go to my Facebook page where I am tagged in a few videos someone posted....

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That from now on, when we bring the baby rabbits inside we need to have some kind of barrier up or the little rascals will just scatter.
What I'm reading: Not much right now....
What I'm listening to: Bill Monroe's Blues; the kids pick it out, not me.
What we're learning:
Darius I, Zerubbabel and Zechariah in history, Shorter Catechism question #10 and all about Antarctica in our co-op.
What I'm watching: This weekend my Sweetie and I watched The Sting, which always gets me in the mood to play some Scott Joplin.
What's cooking: Tonight we are having Chinese Chicken Fried Rice with broccoli.
What I'm buying: I have to run out today and buy some batteries....
What I'm wearing: Gray skirt, white ribbed turtleneck, white socks and my trusty slippers.
What I'm thankful for: The precious fellowship we have from our church family.
What I'm creating:
I'm editing the 200+ photos that were taken at our church ball this last Friday, and planning a blog post too!
What I'm praying: That my sweet children would remember to be loving to their neighbors (translation=their siblings...).
What I'm planning: To write some reviews that are due in the next couple weeks.
What I'm looking forward to: A field trip with our co-op this Friday to a Winds Orchestra Concert and a dinner with friends this weekend.
A picture to share:

Dasher holding a friends Ball Python. I love her expression!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That the cup of Apricot Black Tea I am enjoying right now is lovely.
What I'm reading:
We are reading Victory on the Walls by Frieda Clark Hyman...a story about Nehemiah to compliment history in school.
What I'm listening to:
The kids squealing as they holding the baby rabbits...their eyes opened today!
What we're learning:
This week we are learning about seals and seal cows in science; Pythagoras, Belshazzar and Confucius in history and Dasher started a new phonics book.
What I'm watching: The sun shining into the windows; I'm enjoying it because we are getting some rain tomorrow and the rest of the week.
What's cooking: Tonight it is Chicken and Broccoli Fettuccine Alfredo with a salad and French bread.
What I'm buying:
I need to go make copies today at Kinko's...a place every homeschooling mom gets to know pretty well.
What I'm wearing:
A white linen skirt, white socks and a blue long sleeved shirt.
What I'm thankful for:
My handyman husband, his friend and a fixed pipe.
What I'm creating:
Piles of laundry on my bed to be folded later today.
What I'm praying:
That I would use my time wisely this week.
What I'm planning:
Lesson plans for month to teach starts this Wednesday.
What I'm looking forward to: Our church's big Ball this Friday night....we'll see if all those dance practices paid off.
A picture to share:

~Mr. Lego and Bookworm at the 4-H Presentation day this last weekend. They both did great!

*I just realized that their real names were plastered in great big letters on their poster boards so that explains the white out, thanks to computer photo editing! :-)