Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That it seems like we are getting a lot of rain. It is really a good thing here in No. looks like it won't be a drought year.

What I'm reading: Still trying to get through Faith Driven Family. I did not get as much reading time in last week as I wanted.

What I'm listening to: Children chattering. I am watching 2 of my friend's children for the next couple weeks while she goes down to SoCal to pursue treatment for her cancer. They are the same age as two of my kiddos and so this is like one big party for them. I will break the news to them in the next hour that we do have to start school.....

What we're learning: In history we are learning about the epic of Beowulf, Wu Zetian of China, and Medieval Spain. I also just realized that the older children have not done any planning at all for their 4-H presentations. It needs to be 3-5 minutes long with visual aids and they need to be memorized and ready by February, so we need to get on it.

What I'm watching: The kids playing with the baby rabbits. Like all babies, I wish they stayed cute and little like this forever.

What's cooking: This week I am planning to make Beef and Barley Soup in my crockpot. I really, really love my crockpot, especially in the winter.

What I'm buying: I am finishing up my month of teaching about Spanish Expansion and Missions in our co-op this week. I decided to let the younger children try to make 'adobe' bricks with play-dough, so I need to go out and find some of it.

What I'm thankful for: A husband who is good at fixing things and will research how to repair stuff to save us repair-man bills. Thank you, my love.

What I'm creating: Christmas cookies. This Sunday, all the parents in our co-op are having a dinner together and a cookie exchange. So I am trying to decide between making Chocolate Pinwheels or Apricot Crescents. Whadya think?

What I'm praying: We have been so, so blessed this flu season so one in our family has gotten sick! I know it will come someday soon, and I am praying it is not during our time off between Christmas and New Year's.

What I'm planning: Fun things to do during our school break later this month. We are thinking a day up at the snow, maybe a day in San Francisco, a day to the zoo.....

What we did this last weekend: We did some work around the house on Saturday, then had really yummy Indian Spiced Lentils that night. Yesterday after church, Sunday school and our monthly fellowship meal, our family headed to the assisted living center to help with the service there and visit the residents.

What I'm looking forward to: The fun things ahead. Seeing our families around Christmas, another Christmas party at a friends house, caroling, and our annual New Year's Eve party with friends.

A picture to share:

~An outtake from our Annual Family Photo Shoot.


  1. CHOCOLATE PINWHEELS (I hate apricots...hehe). That's just my measely vote though...and you did ask. :D

    Missed seeing you yesterday. My family were at church but I stayed home with an icky cold. Hopefully I'll be better by Wed and no one else will get it!

  2. I vote for Chocolate Pinwheels, but I'm not going to be there so it doesn't matter. :+)
    I love your Monday Musings!


  3. Ooo Beef Barley Soup sounds good to me right now. Yum!
    I love the photo here. So cute!

  4. Erin, I love taking photos when no one knows it! ;-)

    Dawn, I am leaning towards the Chocolate Pinwheels and I think you clinched it. I did miss you yesterday and am praying you get better by Wed!

    And Hannah, your mom had better share the cookies from the exchange... :-)

  5. The soup sounds so yummy.
    I want baby rabbits... and its all your fault :)
    Hope the flu stays away from you all! Take probiotics and keep everyone rested!

  6. It's all my fault?!? LOL! They are soooo cute; and I am so thankful that it is my kids responsibility to take care of them. :-)

    I wish you lived closer so you could bring your little ones over for a rabbit play day!


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