Thanksgiving Day 2010

Thanksgiving was good this year. It always is. We do the traditional food.....turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, yams, rolls and Ambrosia. This year, while the turkey was roasting away in the oven we did something different by heading to a nearby zoo to watch the animals eat their feast.

The bears got some kind of berries stuffed in pumpkins. This was really neat because every other time we have been at the zoo those bears have been in their dens, sleeping. The lazy bums.

My Sweetie's mom came to spend Thanksgiving with us. She is known to the kids as Obachan, which means 'Grandma' in Japanese.

We stopped off at the park there and had a few minutes to play on the playground. Yes, it was a bit chilly.

When we got back home the turkey was almost done, so we fixed the rest of our feast. And feast we mouth is watering just looking at this photo.

The girls....having a grand time eating.

Mr. Lego picked up the drumstick first and ate everything on his place. Twice!

After cleaning up everything we all went for a walk, which feels so good after eating so much. Then back home for a few rounds of Speed Scrabble.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!