Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That our weather had turned into the heart of Fall. In like 4 days. We had rain almost all weekend with highs only in the low 60's. Fall is here.

What I'm reading: I need to carve out a time for reading, just for me, during the day. Just 15 minutes, only me, for good reading. Right now most of my reading is done while in the bathroom.

What I'm listening to: Humming in the kitchen, Sunny Honey chirping like crazy (he must be trying to get the attention of a bird outside), and a girly-girl laughing upstairs.

What we're learning:  St Patrick, Atilla the Hun and the fall of the Western Roman Empire in history, Catechism question #23, and the Greek words phobos (fear) and syn (together) in our English roots book.

What I'm watching: Over the weekend we watched the old Robin Hood with Errol Flynn. And I have one question: did those men in the Middle Ages really wear tights?

What's cooking: Being that it is cloudy and cold outside today, the clam chowder on the menu for dinner tonight sounds really yummy.

What I'm buying: Not anything that I can think of right now...that is why I plan out my shopping lists, so I can avoid mid-week trips to the store.

What I'm thankful for: My voice. For no reason at all I lost my voice this last weekend. So I am thankful that this is temporary and that I can (most of the time) talk, sing and laugh.

What I'm creating: This week I am putting together an assignment for a photography course I am taking as a reviewer for this magazine. You can check out my other blog to see the photos.

What I'm praying: For our country. At times it is hard to look at what our future might hold, but we know who holds that future.

What I'm planning: Co-op planning! This week I really need to get my back end in gear and work on my lesson plans. I've got the skeleton done; now it is time to fill in the holes.

What we did this last weekend: We visited my friend's farm again on Saturday, and then had a lovely first fire of the season in the fireplace. Yesterday we went to church and then went to a friends house on the spur of the moment for pizza lunch and fellowship.

What I'm looking forward to: A nice, quiet week. We don't have anything planned except school, co-op and normal things around the house.

A picture to share:

~ 'Tis the season.....


  1. The weather is fall here too! I love it.
    I like how you're trying to carve out at least 15 minutes of fun reading time, just for you. I need to get better about that. Lately, after we get all 3 kids fed, devotions done, bathed, teeth brushed and bedtime prayers, I feel like all I have time for is a quick work out and then b-e-d for me.
    I've wondered the same thing about the "men in tights" !!

  2. I feel like we skipped something....last week we were in the 80's and now the 60's; so I feel like we skipped the 70's. I guess it just wasn't gradual enough. I am such a warm weather girl...

    Totally hear you about the 'me' time too. :-)

  3. I'm still cold with the change in the weather! And there's more rain coming this weekend. Guess we need to build a fire here. Love all the pumpkins in that pic!! Hope you are all doing well - we miss you!


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