Monday Musings (On Tuesday)

What I'm thinking: That 6am came way too early this early that I failed my challenge on the first day!

What I'm reading:  This last week I was reading curriculum prefaces in order to familiarize myself with some of the new stuff we are doing. It got me really excited and I am ready to start now.

What I'm listening to: Breakfast sounds, the bird chirping, pages turning.

What we're learning:  We start school today! In history we are learning about the Pentecost, Saul/Paul and his missionary journeys, the older ones are starting a new grammar curriculum and I will be beginning to teach a little one to read for the last time. :-(

What I'm watching: My kids trying to wake up. We all deserve a bit of grace this morning; Sunday night we all slept on sofas and floors and were serenaded by noisy coyotes.

What's cooking:  Tonight I am making Eggplant Parmesan with a green salad and breadsticks.

What I'm buying:  Well, I had problems this morning getting up with my Joy in the Morning Challenge, so I'm off to buy an alarm clock this afternoon.

What I'm thankful for: For encouraging friends. I am so blessed by them!

What I'm creating: Lessons plans for little ones. I am helping out in the preschool Sunday school class the next two months so I am going through the lessons and figuring out how it works.

What I'm praying: That I would be constantly reminded of the amazing grace that God extends to me, undeserving; and to extend that same grace to those around me.

What I'm planning: I know our schedule will need some tweaking after the first week so I am planning for some planning....does that make sense?

What we did this last weekend: We were at church on Sunday then a bunch of us went and walked over the highest bridge in California, then up to our friends house to spend the night. Labor Day we had a party with our church with great food, volleyball and good talks.

What I'm looking forward to: Our co-op will start tomorrow. I have really missed getting together with these families and can't wait for this coming year.

A picture to share:

~Summer Roses


  1. This was a beautiful post! As always, I love reading your blog entries. You are so real and who you are definitely comes across through your writing. Thanks for *our* talk; I love you very, very much and I can't believe that I didn't have you two years ago! Have a wonderful and productive day, oh, and enjoy that dinner; it sounds so tasty to me!

    With Love,

  2. I hope your early morning plans work out! Homeschool moms never cease to amaze me, and you are no exception! It was nice to hang out with you, Mrs. G! Love ya tons!
    Sarah V.

  3. Hannah and Sarah, thanks for reading! I love you both and am so glad you and your families are a part of our lives. :-)


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