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So I am at the end of the first week of my challenge. How has it gone? Well Monday was a holiday. That morning I woke up in a sleeping bag, on the sofa at our friend's house where we spent the night. And not to make excuses or anything, but we didn't get into bed until almost 1am and then were serenaded by coyotes and crazy dogs. So Tuesday morning I had good intentions, but both my Sweetie and I didn't even open our eyes until 7am. Scratch day 1. That afternoon I bought an alarm clock.

Day 2. I learned something. When you know an alarm clock is set and is going to go blasting off in your ear, you don't sleep as soundly. I also learned that it is still dark at 6am. And God gave me an extra challenge that morning; cloudy weather. The one thing that really wakes me up is the sun, which is why I love living where I live with its 188 days of sunshine per year. No exercise today...too dark and gloomy.

Day 3. I learned that my alarm clock will start with 1 beep every second, then 2 beeps, then just beep continually until you throw it against the wall hit the snooze button. Once I could open my eyes the morning went well. They kids got up when they were supposed to and I had my Bible time, exercised, and cleaned up the kitchen by 8:15.

Day 4. I am going to tell you something. Sunday is, of course, my favorite day. Saturday naturally falls into second place. My third favorite day is now Friday. Because when that blasted alarm went off this morning my first thought was, "I get to shut you off and not turn you on again until Sunday night!!" And that was enough to get me up this morning.We had a busier day planned so after my Bible time, computer time and clean up we headed out at 8am for the Farmer's Market.

The week went good...3 out of 4 mornings I got up at the right time and I worked out twice. I am also happy that a couple of you are doing this along with me; modified to fit your situation of course, but it is really encouraging to know that I am not the only one who struggles in this area and needs accountability.

On to Week 2!

*For some reason my Joy in the Morning thingy at the top has too much space between the words and photo. I edit it the way I want but Blogger is being stubborn and not changing it like I keep telling it to. I will try to work on it later....anyone want to help me figure out how to design a button and link to it?


  1. "Because when that blasted alarm went off this morning..." Hilarious. Be glad you get a full night's sleep all at once. I'm pregnant and extremely tired right now. I wish I got all my sleep at once. I woke up at 5 because my hubby was up studying but he had left the bathroom light on and it was shining in my face. Then the baby woke up at 6:30. I slept some while the kids were playing this morning, but they kept getting into things today. Finally gave up around 9:30. And for the record, I don't usually sleep that late. Only when I'm pregnant. My favorite time to wake up is 8.


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