Joy in the Morning

"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
His mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning;
great is Your faithfulness."

Lam 3:22-23

I am not a morning person. I love staying up late and sometimes even feel a burst of energy around 9pm. I don't make it a habit to stay up really late; I do go to bed at the same time as my Sweetie, usually around 10:30 or 11pm. But I love my sleep. Too much, probably. Even when I stay up later I don't usually sleep in past 8am, but recently that has become my regular wake up time. Now granted, we have not been doing any formal schooling this last month and my responsibilities have been less, but this going to change this next week. I know that getting up earlier is a better thing. I have noticed in the past that when I do get up early I can accomplish so much more in the day. But my flesh is weak and when I hear my Sweetie's alarm going off, I cover my head with my pillow and go back off to dreamland.

God has also blessed me with a couple of children that love the mornings. Bookworm especially puts me to shame and is so cheerful and wide awake; even getting up before the sun has appeared. I know this is one of my weaknesses that I am needing to address, and I thought I would drag all you faithful readers into this and use this blog to help keep me accountable. So this is the challenge:

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On Tuesday, September 7th I am going to start a new morning schedule. It will look like this:

- Drag myself out of bed. Cheerfully get out of bed. Make tea. Have Bible/prayer time.

- Eat breakfast and have computer/blogs/Facebook time.

7:00am - Clean up room/kitchen/anything-else and wake up kiddos.

7:30am - Work out.

8:15am - Shower/dress.

Look at all I can do by 8:30am! The kids will have their own schedules that they will be following when they get up so we will all be ready for school to start at 8:45.

So on weekdays through the whole month of September I am going to be doing this challenge. I'll blog about it, not every day or anything like that, but just enough so that I you can see if I can do it. Please pray for me to be consistent and cheerful. And please, feel free to join me. There is strength in numbers!


  1. Okay, so this is reminding me that I need to try this very same thing. It would be really good for me. Hmm... I'll think about it over the weekend and see if I can rally myself to join you. :) No promises! lol.
    What will you do for exercise?? That's something I struggle with...

  2. Melissa, I would love to have you do this with me!
    For exercise I have been doing Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home DVD's. But I will probably mix it up....we have a recumbent bike and weights and I can walk around the block a few times....I am not looking for anything hard core, just to get myself moving each day.
    I TOTALLY understand the exercise struggle; I am hoping that the schedule and blogging about this will keep me more accountable.
    Hugs to you, my friend!

  3. So my schedule is not the same as yours... but my endeavor with this is simply to stay awake when my hubby's alarm goes off, and get actually *up* when he leaves for work. And by the time Gabriel gets up, I am done with my morning routine. So anyway... that's the extent of me keeping up with your challenge... but it's my own personal twist. :)
    I haven't been working in the exercise yet... but it's in the works. Trying to come up with something reasonable that I will actually accomplish. :) Although it will likely be in the afternoon, and with my son.

  4. I am so happy you will be doing this with me! The exercise is a hard one....I do not know how I am going to handle doing it in the dead of winter when it is cold and dark out. I like the idea of doing it with your little guy...I might think about that for my bunch. It would be good for them to start getting in the habit too...I have heard of DVD programs for homeschoolers so the workouts are kid friendly.

    My husband wakes up at two different times (4:30am and 6am) and is gone one night/morning a week so I have to be on my own part of the time. That is why I decided to blog about it; not having him here sometimes to keep me accountable would have made it that much harder.

    Thanks for doing this with me!


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