Field Trip - Maidu Historic Site

This year we are studying California history in our co-op. And this month Nancy is teaching us about its earliest history, the California Indians. She had found a preserved area near us that was where a tribe of Maidu Indians onced lived. So one morning we all gathered and headed off with our guide.

There were lots of really neat petroglyphs. This one was meant to depict a bear, with a hole to put food for the bear in. Ideally the bear would eat this food and then not come over to and steal it from their campfires. We'll never know if this worked or not....

They had reconstructed a framework house for us to see. 

 Like 2 of my kids could have fit in this one. 

There were many bedrock mortars used for grinding acorns. Backbreaking work, I am sure.


One brave volunteer got to grind an acorn for us to see.

This is what ground acorn looks like. So they ate acorn mush, fish, and any greens they could find. I am so glad I live in the 21st century!

That afternoon at our co-op meeting, the older children talked about life in Indian villages and learned how to write a topic sentence and supporting sentences from the material. The younger ones listened to a couple Indian stories and made a bear rattle.

Here are the Littles.....

This field trip really made our study on the California Indians come alive for our co-op. Next months subject? The first explorers arrive in California!


  1. I love field trips! I can't wait to plan some when my kids get older. More educational ones that is... right now our field trips are mostly just to lovely outdoor locations. Which of course is great fun too. :)

  2. Thanks, Krista. We just started really doing field trips this last year and it has really added to our schooling!


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