Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I would love to go play tennis more. My Sweetie and I got to play yesterday and I realized what good exercise it is (by how sore I am today), and how much fun it can be.

What I'm reading: The Age of Opportunity by Paul David Tripp. I am excited to read about heart issues and adolescents.

What I'm listening to:
God With Us by Mercy Me. '....You know our hearts don't deserve Your glory, still you show a love we cannot afford...'

What we're learning:
This is my school planning week. We start our new school year next Tuesday and I am still missing 3 books. (Hurry up UPS....) I also need to plan for the co-op and make sure I have all our school supplies; like paper, pencils, glue and those cute little pencil sharpeners.

What I'm watching:
The 4 male rabbits lazing around doing absolutely nothing but eating my food. Truly, they are not doing me any good and since no one wants to buy them, I am probably going to give them away this week.

What's cooking:
This week I am making Artichoke, Spinach and Feta stuffed pasta shells; served with marinara and pasta, french bread and a green salad. A nice glass of Merlot rounds out the flavors.

What I'm buying:
I'm headed this week to a local homeschooling store to get one last writing book for Dasher and some flashcards. And walking into this store is like being in a candy shop, so I am really going to have to watch myself.

What I'm thankful for:
For the leadership in our church. They work very hard and sacrifice much to guide, encourage and teach the congregation.

What I'm creating: I took lots of photos yesterday at the park so I am planning to spend some time editing them.

What I'm praying:
Pleading prayers to God about the mom in our congregation who was just diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. Prayers for her husband and 4 children as they make some decisions this week.

What I'm planning:
This week I have a couple reviews to write, I am spending a day doing school planning, then a friend and her daughter are going to come hang out at the pool with us one day. Next weekend we are spending up at our friend's; then a church Labor Day party on Monday.

What we did this last weekend: We had a nice day around the house on Saturday. We recently got some more Dutch Blitz cards and now 5 of us can play, so we had Dutch Blitz Wars Saturday night. Sunday we heard a great sermon on I Thes. 5:12-13 and those who labor among us, then that afternoon was our church's last summer picnic. My Sweetie, Mr. Lego and Bookworm were in a flag football game, the other girls picked blackberries and I played volleyball.

What I'm looking forward to:
I am really looking forward to school starting. I'm planning to blog about my curriculum choices soon and also a new challenge I am taking up.

A picture to share:

~Summer tomatoes


  1. Who has lung cancer? I still get emails, but haven't gotten anything about this. What's the homeschool store you go to?

  2. Hi Sharon, I'll email you details....

    I usually go to The Brighter Child on Greenback, but I might try a store in Roseville called Kingdom Builder Books.

  3. The Tripp book sounds good! They're both going to be at our church doing a parenting conference the week we'll be in CA for my sister-in-law's wedding :( Oh well... we'll catch them next time.

    I'm so sorry for the lady in your church with lung cancer! I will pray for her.

    Yesterday I was struck (once again) with how faithful the leaders at our church are, so I was giving thanks for them today as well!

    I love these posts.

  4. Stef, what a bummer to miss the Tripp conference! But a lovely reason to be back in CA. :-) Would you be able to get tapes of the conference? I have heard they are great.

  5. Are those tomatoes from your garden?! Beautiful. I have a couple hundred green tomatoes in my garden... but our weather is changing to fall already so I am not holding my breath for their color to change. :)
    I love when you talk about homeschooling. It really makes me excited for the future, and the more formal schooling that awaits me in another year or two.
    God bless your family!

  6. Melissa, only the red one is mine; the other one I bought at the farmer's market. They both went on grilled pizzas we had over the weekend. I was surprised at how sweet the orange one was!

    What are you planning to do with your green tomatoes? Oh, I am coveting the space you have for your garden! Have a blessed week!


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