Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That it would be fun to do some summer cooking this week in the kitchen with the girls. Like experimenting with homemade ice cream bombs, frozen pops and freezing chopped fruit in ice cubes.

What I'm reading:
I bought a Frugal Gourmet cookbook at a thrift store this last week. I love the way Jeff Smith describes his food!

What I'm listening to:
Nerf Wars going on around me. There are 6 kids here having an early morning all out war with them.

What we're learning:
We heard a great sermon yesterday about putting on faith, by looking at our own despairing depravity and then to Christ and His saving work. And I am thankful that in our church our children sit right with us and hear the same message.

What I'm watching:
We watched Apollo 13 over the weekend. And I am reminded again of the amazing wisdom God gave man to be able to travel through space and land on the moon.

What's cooking:
I am making Pesto Chicken with Linguine tonight. My basil plants have been confused all summer and have kept trying to go to seed, so this last Friday at our local Farmer's Market I found some good looking bunches to purchase.

What I'm buying:
I have one last book to buy that our co-op is using this year as the kids learn about California history.

What I'm thankful for:
My house. Even though it is small by today's standards, I love it just how it is. Smaller houses clean faster. :-)

What I'm creating:
This week the kids and I are planning to do a 1000 piece puzzle in the school room.

What I'm praying:
A mom of 4 from our church is in the hospital this morning having a biopsy done on a mass in her chest. I am praying for the doctors, God's healing and her family.

What I'm planning:
My Rainbow Resource order should be arriving this week so my school planning will naturally begin.

What we did this last weekend: We did little things around the house on Saturday, then after church we had a family over for fellowship.

What I'm looking forward to:
A quiet week with little planned. We will have temperatures in the 100's later this week so we plan to be at the pool a lot.

A picture to share:

~Taken at our church dance last week.


  1. Ooohh... a 1000 piece puzzle project! That's easy enough on me, I can do, or, assign that! Hehe!

    So fun to chat yesterday - it's been too long. :) I will send the pics of our couches when I get them uploaded to the computer this week.

    Sounds like a great cookbook purchase! I got Joy of Cooking from amazon a few weeks ago and love it! I'm excited to use it with teaching the kids cooking skills etc.

    Hope you have a wonderful week. We're praying for Mrs. N and hoping to hear good news soon. Bless your hearts for caring for their sweet kiddos during this time. I love our church family!!!

  2. The food you talk about on your website always makes me hungry! Even if I've just eaten something :)
    Also, Apollo 13 is one awesome movie, for sure! You guys would love "When we left Earth" - a great documentary!


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