Camping 2010

We went on our church camping trip this last week. It is always an adventure and this year was no exception. The first order of business was setting up camp. Our tent was all wacky (maybe from getting wet last year when it rained on our previous camping trip?) so it was really hard to put up, one seam was tearing and the zipper would not close. Ah well, that was why I brought clothespins, right?

We had dinner with a couple other families, all sharing salads and grilled chicken. Then after our evening devotions we started with the games. A lot of the adults played Speed Scrabble for a couple hours, while the younger kids played Bluff and Mafia.

The first morning we had pancakes and sausage for breakfast. (I really love taking pictures but sometimes I need a break so I didn't touch my camera until the second day.)

Only 18 hours into the camping trip and she is filthy.

That afternoon we headed to the beach which quickly got dubbed 'Rocky Beach'. Note to self: water shoes are essential next year. My Sweetie, a friend and I swam across a part of the lake to a spot we were scoping out for the next day. What looked like a lovely, sandy beach from afar turned into a mud hole that we sunk 6 inches into each time we took a step. So back to the original spot.

Back at camp, the kids rode around and around our group site in their bikes, blades and scooters.

Dinner the second night was our BBQ night, with everyone sharing side dishes. Inside this dutch oven is marinated trip tip roasts.


After dinner each night we would have our evening devotions. Our pastor went through John 15 and talked about Jesus being the vine and branches and what abiding in Christ means. We also sung hymns each night. Which sound so lovely echoing in the trees.

Then game night again! The second night we taught a bunch of the adults how to play Cocktails. And of course a rousing game of Speed Scrabble, where a certain friend kept her winning streak from the last three years of camping trips.

Yes, I got a bit of sun that day.

Back to the beach the next day....a bunch of people faced their fears and took a leap of faith. I'll blog more about that later but all I'll say now is that it involved a high bridge, air and water.

Here is Bookworm in one of the inflatable boats we used.

Back for our last evening of camping and Camp Taco Night.

Sweet Girlies.

Our final night we always have a talent/skit show.

Here some of the adults did a skit saying So Long, Farewell, to our camping trip.

Bookworm and her friends did a skit about a bear who snored in his sleep.

And Mr. Lego participated in a Chubby Bunny contest.

And finally, to either get you in the mood for adventure camping or cure you of your desire for spending time out in the wilderness, a sampling of the bugs and critters we saw.

There was a bear sighting, but these were not like the Tahoe bears that come right up to you and take your plate of food out from under your nose; so while we all rushed over to that side of the camp, he hightailed it back into the wilderness.

It was a fun filled 4 days, but I was very happy to get back to my clean bed, hot shower and washing machine.


  1. Looks like everyone had a great time! :)

  2. I remember your post from last year's camping trip! Has it really been a whole year?! My goodness....

    These pictures were awesome. I loved the ones of the girls; brought back many memories of Valley Church days, with the groups of girls that would hang out, not worried about clothing, hair, etc... such good ol' days.
    The caterpillar was amazing! I'm not sure I've ever seen one of those out in the "wild". Fun, fun, fun! Jason has been saying that next summer he'd like to do at least one camping trip and I think this got me on board!

  3. Thanks Dawn. Someday you guys need to come too.

    Stef, we only started camping 3 years ago. I think it would be way harder with young ones, but I have friends with young kids that would not imagine a summer without camping. And if you can go with friends it is really fun.

    You just have to get over the dirt.... :-)

  4. Looks like so much fun Charlotte!! We have not been camping in way too long and I really miss it! But at least our tent and kitchen stuff went camping with your group - LOL!

  5. Lisa, every time I would walk over to Jeri's spot I would think of you!! :-) And for the first time I made the powdered sugar donuts which were a huge hit, thanks to you. The P's had a great time so I think we convinced them that camping truly is fun...I wish you could come with us sometime!

  6. Our church's family camp is over Labor Day weekend, and I am really excited! However, we have opted to stay in a cabin instead of a tent, due to our two year old needing to sleep through the night - and there's no way he would do it in a tent, lol. But we'll still get to experience dirt and stuff during the day. Your posts have gotten me all excited now. :)


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