Blogging ABC's

I have seen this on a couple blogs and thought it would be fun to do it here too. I have lots of links that I visit and maybe you might find them useful as well.

So this is how this works: I am opening a new browser window on my computer. I will start with an A and see what spot my computer thinks I am going to visit. Here goes....

A-Adobe photoshop I just recently purchased Photoshop Elements and have been on their site a lot figuring out the program. So far I can say that I really like it and what it can do with my photos.

B- Blue Ball Mason Jars I was checking out the jars I recently bought to see if I could see how old they are. This is a great article.

C- The 4-H site, which reminds me that I still need to register the kids for this year.

D- Darth Vader Someone in my house (most likely my son) looked up Darth Vader recently. And now I remember....there is a drawing of Vader's helmet up in his room.

E- El Dorado County Fair This must have been leftover from the County fair we visited in our nearby county.....

F-Fruit Filled ice cubes This is what I looked at over the weekend as something quick and fun we could do when it got hot this week. And that was the last time I looked at this site....the week turned out busier then I thought it would. But it isn't over yet!

G- Getting gum off of carpet Self explanatory. And just in case you were wondering, the WD-40 worked the best.

H Hardest Game in the World. My kids love this are a red square and you have to navigate through this maze avoiding all the circles, which move. Very addicting.

I- Identifying a Bug Yes, I like to know what I am dealing with, right down to the Genus and Species. And this site has photographs to help you figure out what is bugging you.

J-JC Penney Portraits This is where we go to get our pictures taken. I pay $39 every 2 years to be a portrait club member and then go to this site and get a coupon. I don't pay a sitting fee and if I get the package I walk out the door for $7.99. Great deal when you have 4 kids. I take each of them around their birthday, (I am behind and Nutsy hasn't gone yet) a summer picture of all 4 and then our family Christmas photo.

K- KW Cages This site has the best prices for all the things you need for your cuddly rabbit.

L-Line Rider Mr. Lego loves playing create a track for your penguin using the mouse and then he goes down it and you see if he can survive without falling. Great physics lessons.

M-Math U See My favorite math curriculum of all time. And now that I have found out that they have printable worksheets on their site, I am there a lot.

N-Northern California Camping Checking out this site for good camping spots.....

O-Overstock A fun place to look for discounted stuff at cheap prices.

P-Photoshop Elements popped up first but since I already linked to that I'll pick the next one...Praetorian. I think this is left over from school research we did for history last year. And the site that comes up? Wikipedia. We love Wikipedia.

Q-Queen Anne Not sure why I was looking for this, but another Wiki entry. And I love history.

R-Rabbit Pedigree Form When I sell the rabbits I need to provide pedigree papers for the buyer and this site has a great one I can print out and fill in.

S-Sam's Club I remember looking this one up a couple weeks ago....our Sam's Club had an open house and I had never been in one since we go to Costco. It was nice, seemed just like Costco, was not as crowded, but the clincher for the kids was that there were no samples!

T- Toby Mac's Made to Love A song we listen to when we are doing our afternoon chores.

U-Using dried beans as a pie weight I needed to know if the beans I used would be edible after baking. And just so you know, they are not.

V-Veritas Magazine A friend of mine recently started writing for this neat looking online magazine.

W-What time is it in the world? I was probably answering a question about time zones or earth rotation.

X-Nothing. I have never looked up something on my computer that started with an X.

Y-Youtube. Our recent views were Abbot and Costello's Who's on First,a Japanese glass juggler and Sand Art.

Z-Zilliogames I reviewed the Mini Mountain from this site. It was a really fun one that my kids enjoy.

This was fun, wasn't too embarrassing and didn't take that long to do. I would love to see your ABC list too sometime.


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