The Fair - Junior Novice Showmanship

This whole fair thing is a totally new experience for all of us. So when we started last Thursday, I had no idea what the day would hold. The first competition of the day was Market (meat competition). We missed Market this year because the Mommas did not have babies like we would have hoped in March, so next year we plan on being in that competition too. Anyways, Showmanship follows Market. Having no clue when this would be, we got to the livestock pavilion at around 11.

This is the pavilion:Inside this football field-size warehouse are the sheep, swine, poultry, turkeys, goats and rabbits for fair. You can imagine what this place sounds like at night.

Rabbit Showmanship is where the participant gives the rabbit a health check (a 30 step process that they have memorized and practiced) in front of a judge. Then he asks them questions about their rabbit. There are two groups that participate in fair; FFA (Future Farmers of America) and 4-H.

FFA always goes first, so we watched them to get an idea of what was expected.

There were lots and lots of them....I was entertained by Nutsy, doing what she does best...being a Nut....

After a while we moved to the stands. Here is Nusty and Dasher with Grandpa.

Finally around 3:00 it was the Junior Novice 4-Hers. (Junior = 9-13 years, Novice = 1st year doing showmanship) Mr. Lego was in the first group.

He did very well. Here he is checking the underside of his rabbit.

The judge came along and asked some questions like, 'What type of rabbit do you own?' 'What other varieties does your rabbit come in?' and 'What is Pasteurellosis?' (Okay, I had no clue what that is so I had to ask the kids and it is an infection of the eye.)

He did a great job, even though he didn't know some of the answers.

Bookworm and Dasher were together in the next group.

Dasher was the smallest one there.

She did really well, even when her rabbit decided to start eating her sleeve.

Bookworm was asked to do a callback, where she needed to come up in the final group. To figure out who knew the most about rabbits, the judge had them switch rabbits with someone and then asked them questions about that breed. Here she is with a Mini Rex.

Then they started giving out the placings....8th, 7th, 6th.... and Bookworm ended up with a 4th place ribbon!

They all did so well and learned so much this year. I am so proud of their efforts!


  1. I am so glad you posted this! All the talk about prep for the fair, and I finally get to see what it's actually like. That's so cool that they did so well. Amazing. I've never done anything like this.

  2. Thanks, Linda! It was a fun experience, but very busy. I am so happy about how much they learned too.

    Dawn, you are too sweet. Like I have said before, I would have never attempted this when they were young; they really do take care of the rabbits by themselves. Except that once a month deep cleaning which I help them with and is due this week....


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