Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: Rabbits...... Last week, we realized that Flo was not taking care of her babies well so we actually had to hold her and get her babies out and help them to nurse! (The things I will do for these rabbits....) After a couple days she figured it out but by then she had only 2 babies left. :-( Thelma Lou still has 9, but one was definitely becoming a runt so we adopted it over to Flo and now they are all looking good. These babies are for State Fair in July; we are now at T-minus 10 days for County Fair.

What I'm reading:
Pride and Prejudice and the Iliad. I am actually banning myself from reading other books until I get through these.

What I'm listening to:
The washer and dryer and the kids cleaning their rooms upstairs.

What we're learning: All about Cleopatra and Herod in history, Catechism question #20 and the children have little oral presentations in co-op this week on life in ponds.

What I'm watching: A cloudy sky. This has been a mild Spring for us and I am ready for the summer.

What's cooking:
It is getting warmer so we are eating more salads; this week I am making a yummy Southwest Salad from Everyday Food.

What I'm buying:
Today I need to send away to the county fair for ride wristbands for the kids. The good thing about it being a county fair is that it is a pretty good deal if you buy in advance.

What I'm thankful for:
Technology is amazing. Computers, cell phones, cars...I am thankful for their conveniences.

What I'm creating: I'm trying to create space in my bookshelves for more books I bought at a used book sale this last weekend.

What I'm praying:
That my Christian living would be from my heart and not just seem like checking off boxes.

What I'm planning:
To go do some tattooing. (Did your heart just drop there? Tee-hee!!) Tomorrow we are getting the 6 rabbits that are going to fair tattooed at our friends house. (They have to be tattooed in their ear for fair.)

What we did this last weekend: We got lots of little things done around the house on Saturday, then yesterday after church we had great fellowship at a friends house, then back for evening service.

What I'm looking forward to:
Saturday a bunch of friends are going to get together for food, volleyball and fellowship. I can't wait for a relaxing day!

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  1. haha, you got me with the tattooing comment! :)
    I also like what you wrote for your "what I'm praying" comment.

    You guys have education all around you! I love it. I like schooling like that - finding educational lessons in every area of life.

  2. It's funny, at church my 4-H friends and I will be talking and tattooing comes up in the conversation. We can get some funny looks from those walking by!

    And sometimes I feel like I fail at bringing out educational things that are around us so your note was especially encouraging, Stef. :-)


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