Little Monkeys

Last week we went for a quick walk up to the school near our house. The two youngest in our family are proving to be to crazy, little monkeys. Of course at a school playground there are those tether ball poles which are begging to be climbed.

My monkeys cannot resist them.

In not 10 seconds, Dasher had shimmied up this 15 foot pole.

She even just hung from the chain, the little show-off.

Of course I was giving her my motherly advice; about heads splitting on concrete and body casts...but those generally go ignored.

Nutsy was feeling left out.

"I can do it too, Momma!"

Hmmm, this is harder than Dasher made it look...

"Help me, Momma..."

One of the many rules I have learned from parenting is that if I have to help them up, then I have to help them down, so they don't get any help from me.

But I am their biggest cheerleader.

Getting higher.....

Let's go for another about touching that tether chain?

Finally got it!

And it's OK that you didn't get to the top little one; you are still a cutie too.

Meanwhile, the other Monkey was swinging her heart out on the high bar.

Then Nutsy, not to be outdone, gave me another heart attack on the rings.

You would think that after 4 of them I would be getting used to this.....


  1. I love these pictures, so much fun! And wow, that picture of her hanging from the chain is giving me a bit of a scare! lol! What a daredevil. I have a feeling I will be taking pictures like this sometime in my future too. And probably still getting freaked out about it. :)

  2. I loved these pictures!! Your girls DO look like little monkeys, climbing up those bars. They are such pretty girls too! Rachel liked your little one's dress :)


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