Summer Garden 2010

This last weekend we had beautiful, spring weather so we decided it was a good time to start the garden. Last year we had built 2 3x4 raised beds and so the start up was minimal this time. (Yay!!!) I also had a big variety last year and some of the plants did not harvest very much, so this year we decided to focus on a few vegetables and plant more of them. First I threw some of the rabbit droppings on the boxes, then worked it in. That's the great thing about rabbit poop, it can be put straight into the dirt. Then I made my string lines again as we do square foot gardening.

Then I laid out where the veggies should go, this time making sure to put the tall plants in the back. :-)

We did 9 tomato plants this year. 6 of them were hybrid, but I chose 3 heirlooms to do; a Pearson, Prudens Purple and Mortgage Lifter. Mortgage Lifter is so named because the man who developed it eventually sold his whole farm for a load of cash. :-) We also planted 2 Japanese cucumbers, basil, lavender, parsley and rosemary. I had bought 3 cucumber plants but when we got home I realized that one of the cucumbers was actually a yellow crookneck squash so he went in too. I just couldn't abandon him! Here is the herb garden:

I also have a little section off to the side that is my medicinal garden; I have a Comfrey plant and garlic there too. I used to have an Aloe Vera but it died during the winter, so I want to replace that. You can also see in this picture the box my Sweetie built to put the rabbit droppings in; the kids are actually hoping to sell some of it to our neighbors.

I let each of the kids chose a flower to plant and they chose some pretties. Here is Bookworm with hers:
And Dasher...wearing her holey-knees jeans, appropriate for planting in:

And Nutsy who wore her flower dress for the occasion:

Mr. Lego opted to get a jalapeno and a lemon-thyme plant to put in pots on the deck. He planted his so fast that I didn't get a photo of him.

So I am eagerly anticipating some garden fresh tomatoes this summer! How about you, do you have a garden?


  1. nothing less from you!! Your garden is visually appealing and functional!! LOVE it. Can't wait to get mine in the ground!!

  2. This is inspiring Charlotte! I have not done my own garden yet, but will some day! (How late is too late to start?)

  3. Thanks, Tamara! I can't wait to see yours too!

    Krista, one time we planted in June and still got a harvest in. I don't think it is ever too late and especially where you are with not much frost. And you could do lettuce and greens all year round! Here it gets too hot in the summer so I can only do it in spring and fall.

  4. looks great. i am sad that we have no garden this year. we did get 2 snap pea starters at a yard sale last week.... heck, i have a hard time keeping up with my laundry, maybe when abigail is older i'll try a garden again.

  5. Linda, I totally hear you! This is only our second year having a larger garden...before this it was a basil plant on the deck and one or two tomato plants at the most. Just like the whole rabbit project, I waited until the kids were older and were able to be more helpful. It will come soon!


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