Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I still need to get outside and do some garden work before Spring disappears.
What I'm reading:
I am reading Archimedes and the Door of Science by Jeanne Bendick to the kids for school and I am really, really trying to enjoy The Iliad.....
What I'm listening to:
The children's voices upstairs, the dryer spinning and our parakeet chirping.
What we're learning:
We started a new Total Language Plus book today; The Whipping Boy. In history we are learning about Asoka in India, the Spetuagint and the Qin Dynasty.
What I'm watching:
The kids doing their afternoon chores.
What's cooking:
I'm making yummy Tostadas with Jalapeno-Lime Sauce this week.
What I'm buying:
We went to some garage sales this weekend....I found an animal carrying cage (for our rabbits) for $1.
What I'm thankful for:
That I can be in the place I love best most every day, my home.
What I'm creating:
We bought a half gallon of heavy cream at Costco last week so I need to use it up. What better way to do that then to make homemade ice cream! I plan on doing that later tonight.
What I'm praying:
That I would be more hungry for God's Word and that it would continue to shape my life.
What I'm planning:
Lessons for the hymn we are studying in co-op; O God, Our Help in Ages Past. I am having a fun time seeing how through Bible history, God has been His peoples' constant help.
What I'm looking forward to: Co-op this week and getting together with a sweet friend and her children this weekend that I only get to see once a year.
A picture to share:

~This was our big news this past weekend; Nutsy is now riding a two wheeler! I put some other Street Play photos on my other blog....


  1. So funny! I also bought a big gallon of heavy cream @ Costco and ended up finding lots of reasons for needing whipped cream ;-)

  2. Oh yes. Tostadas with Jalapeno-Lime Sauce IS delicious. I await the posted recipe soon. ;)

    I'm trying to use up my vat of Costco mushrooms tonite. I should have had you come over with your barrel of whipping cream so we could combine them with some butter, wine, garlic and rice & serve them to our hungry loved ones (and maybe some roving neighbors too). hehe

  3. Dawn, I just saw the recipe you linked to on FB and it looks so yummy! I love sauteed mushrooms...we did make the ice cream last night and then the girls made homemade butter in mason jars with the rest of the cream.

    Stef, I am right there with you....the heavy cream is so cheap at Costco that I cannot resist buying it, but it is usually a LOT of cream...

  4. And I WILL post the Tostada recipe....a lot of people have asked and I can't remember who I still need to get it to.


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