Monday Musings

The computer saga continues....we got a virus last Wednesday so I have been without a computer since then until today. I really am not ignoring all my blog friends!

What I'm thinking:
That I am getting hungry and the leftover fried won tons, Zaru Soba and cabbage salad we made yesterday will taste good for lunch.
What I'm reading:
I picked up two different versions of the Iliad at the library last week; one is in poetry form and one is in text form. Anyone else who has read it have an opinion of either or can recommend a good translation?
What I'm listening to:
The kids have Owl City going on Lala right now....
What we're learning:
Alexander the Great and Archimedes in history, Shorter Catechism #16 and our last week of Total Language Plus' Caddie Woodlawn.
What I'm watching:
I am enjoying the blue sky outside. We are getting rain tomorrow for a couple days.
What's cooking:
I am making Japanese Curry, rice and Miso for dinner. It is so easy and so yummy!
What I'm buying:
I bought an earth box from a friend of mine last week so I am planning to buy 4 melon plants (watermelon & cantaloupe) to put in it.
What I'm thankful for:
That this week the kids finally made a little money from the rabbits by selling rabbit fertilizer to some neighbors.
What I'm creating:
Reviews for The Old Schoolhouse. I had one ready when our hard drive crashed 2 weeks ago, re-wrote the same review and almost finished another one right when the virus attacked the computer last week, so that is what I am planning to do this afternoon....
What I'm praying:
For consistency in my parenting.
What I'm planning:
We are having a 4-H meeting on record books tomorrow. Since we have never done one before this is all new, but such a great way to see what the kids have done this whole year.
What I'm looking forward to:
We have a break from co-op this week so a couple friends and I are taking all our kids to a nature park that day.
A picture to share:

Nutsy at the beach in 2007.


  1. Lala is a place online where you can listen to music. You get 25 free songs when you sign up (it's free) and after that songs are 10 cents each. We have a collection on there of music and the kids have lists of their favorites. They were listening to 'Owl City', fun electronic music. :-)

    Lala is fun because you can have friends on there and you can recommend music to each other. They have most everything; I like it because I can buy one song instead of a whole CD.

    Here is where it is:

  2. Ask Leah about the Iliad copies, I think she has read like 1000 or something.

    Also, can you post the recipe for the Japanese Curry and Miso? It sounds so yummy!

  3. Sure, Krista! I am postponing the Curry for a couple days because we had leftovers I forgot about from Saturday we can have tonight. When I make it I will take some photos and write a post.

    I'll talk to Leah....she is the lady to go to with a book question!


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