Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I am feeling unmotivated this morning. Maybe it is all the drama with the of our does actually had a litter Saturday night sometime, but we had already taken the nesting box out (because she was 5 days past when she was due!) and she didn't protect them so they all died. :-(
What I'm reading:
I finished Passionate Housewives last week. I am taking a break from my reading list and started reading The Making of A Chef by Michael Ruhlman. I love cooking adventures.....
What I'm listening to:
Someone sliding down the stairs, Nutsy's little voice and someone else making toast in the kitchen.
What we're learning:
Nehemiah, Pericles and the Peloponneseian War in history, and we are wrapping up the last unit in Total Language Plus' Caddie Woodlawn. Nutsy finished her little preschool books already so I am trying to think of activities she can do for school.
What I'm watching:
The rain puddles dry in the street. I saw the weather and we are supposed to get sunny days this whole week. I am definitely ready for summer.
What's cooking:
Bacon, Ranch and Chicken Pasta is on the menu for later this week and I think I might make homemade Bruschetta to go with it.
What I'm buying:
Not much....I ran out of cheddar cheese so I have to run out for ONE thing later today.
What I'm thankful for:
Grace that God freely gives to me even though I don't deserve any.
What I'm creating:
I am editing pictures I took last week at my friends horse ranch for her pony business. I'm about halfway done.....
What I'm praying:
That my spirit would be content in all things.
What I'm planning:
An appetizer night this Sunday at my house. At our church we have this thing called Supper For Six. We are randomly paired with two other couples and over the course of 3 months, all get together at each others home. This will be our first dinner for this round.
What I'm looking forward to:
We get back into co-op this week and then Mr. Lego has his presentation at Sectionals for 4-H this Saturday.
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  1. I'm so sorry about the baby rabbits! ((((hugs))))

  2. Melissa, your thoughtfulness means so much right now...I am really having a hard time with this and am having to continually remind myself that God is in control....even in the small things. :-) Thank you!

  3. Charlotte - I am sooo sorry about the rabbits! :( How heartbreaking! Hugs to you, friend!


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