Those Rabbits.........

Those rabbits are going to be the death of me. Or at least make my day a not very good one. Yesterday we found our that our second doe, Thelma Lou is not pregnant either. So this is two strikes, no baby rabbits, which I also found out yesterday means no market show at the County Fair. (due to weight and age restrictions) This was a big bummer to us; the rabbits in meat market at our Fair all go to auction. And are bought up by people or businesses that want to support 4-H and pay crazy prices for 3 little rabbits. We are planning to go to State Fair also, but only the top two in market go to auction and I would bet tons that we would be no way close to top two at State. So we were all moping around yesterday. I was a bit snappy at the kids and they were picking at each other and our home was not a fun place to be. I know it might seem silly to you, but I was really not happy about the whole thing. Then a couple things happened. First my heart began to change. Really God is the one who changed my heart and my outlook on the situation. I began to realize it is just really not worth it to get upset over this and worse, take it out on my kids. Second, last night we watched this video. It is a illustrated talk by Louie Giglio, who uses the stars, planets and incredible images from Hubble to show us how big our God is. And after seeing how huge He is, how small I am, and how amazing it is that Christ came and died for me, the rabbit problem seems very, very small indeed. In fact, God planned my little rabbit problem! I am not sure why (probably to teach me patience, or that things don't always go my way, or endurance...) but I can rest in the fact that He is in control of all things.

So now about those rabbits....the babies are doing well. They are 4 1/2 weeks now and so big to us!

Here they were at 10 days....

Here is one at 2 1/2 weeks....

And here is one today, at almost 5 weeks.

They look totally identical and are still too young to determine if they are male or female. When they were smaller the kids called them all 'younglings' but not anymore. One of them for the last two weeks would not open one of his eyes. This is a problem, so we named him 'Stu' and kept trying to soak his eye. Just a couple days ago the kids raced in from the rabbitry and his eyes was better. So much better now, that we can't tell them apart again. So they all have a variety of names right now....Fatso, Runner, Hopper... and the kids love holding them and playing with them in the living room. We intend to raise these babies for a while longer and, since they have a really good pedigree, sell them as breeding rabbits in the summer.

Here is what the rabbitry looks like now:

Thelma Lou in the picture above is trying to fool us by using her nesting box as a bed and eating all the hay out of it. Sneaky girl.....

The babies are so cute! But are growing way fast and in no time will be as big as their parents. Here are the babies:

We are still going to County Fair; the older children can do showmanship (where they show a rabbit, and are judged on their performance) and there is a always a breed show (a judge looks at your rabbit and judges it against others in the same class). And then next week we will breed the does for State Fair in July. And when I woke up this morning, not being able to participate in the meat market competition at County Fair was just fine with me.


  1. I'm really sorry for the agitation and frustrations you all had been facing! But it is a blessing to read about how we can look up and remember that our great big, huge God planned everything right down to our most annoying problems. Thanks for the reminder - I certainly needed that today. :)
    And I had no idea bunnies grew so fast! Wow.

  2. So sorry about all this Mrs. Gochnauer.... I am so glad that your feeling better about it though. :)

  3. Big change since I saw them last!

    Sorry neither are preggers. :( Think you'll try again next year or do a different project?


  4. i too find my perspective limited at times. luckily god is so gracious to remind me who he is and who i am in light if him...

  5. Thanks everyone, for your encouraging words! It is comforting to know that I am not the only one that struggles with this. :-)

    Dawn, we are still going to participate in showmanship and maybe the breed show at County Fair; we're just missing market show at this point. And we will most definitely try again next year!


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