Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That from now on, when we bring the baby rabbits inside we need to have some kind of barrier up or the little rascals will just scatter.
What I'm reading: Not much right now....
What I'm listening to: Bill Monroe's Blues; the kids pick it out, not me.
What we're learning:
Darius I, Zerubbabel and Zechariah in history, Shorter Catechism question #10 and all about Antarctica in our co-op.
What I'm watching: This weekend my Sweetie and I watched The Sting, which always gets me in the mood to play some Scott Joplin.
What's cooking: Tonight we are having Chinese Chicken Fried Rice with broccoli.
What I'm buying: I have to run out today and buy some batteries....
What I'm wearing: Gray skirt, white ribbed turtleneck, white socks and my trusty slippers.
What I'm thankful for: The precious fellowship we have from our church family.
What I'm creating:
I'm editing the 200+ photos that were taken at our church ball this last Friday, and planning a blog post too!
What I'm praying: That my sweet children would remember to be loving to their neighbors (translation=their siblings...).
What I'm planning: To write some reviews that are due in the next couple weeks.
What I'm looking forward to: A field trip with our co-op this Friday to a Winds Orchestra Concert and a dinner with friends this weekend.
A picture to share:

Dasher holding a friends Ball Python. I love her expression!


  1. Those baby rabbits sound like so much fun! I love The Sting and the music! My Grandpa would play a lot of Scott Joplin from memory - loved listening to it. Great pic!

  2. Thanks, Lisa. Playing Joplin from memory is hard...your Grandpa must have been good!

  3. That picture is cute & a little scary at the same time. Ah!!
    Thanks for sharing your musings. Always fun!

  4. editing 200+ photos?! Wow.
    I like your comment about the rabbits "scattering" - gives a good mental picture.
    That picture of your daughter with the snake gave me the willies!!


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