Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That it seems my list of things to do is never ending...
What I'm reading:
Getting back into my 12 books...I am quite behind but I am reading The History of Redemption and Humility, the Forgotten Virtue.
What I'm listening to:
Chris Tomlin on Lala.
What we're learning:
We are studying Hosea, Hezekiah and early Native Americans in history, Shorter Catechism question #2 this week, and the older children are working on the visual aides they will need for their 4-H presentation.
What I'm watching:
The kids clean up the living room...they are getting a late start to their afternoon chores today.
What's cooking: Spaghetti, peas, garlic bread and green salad for dinner tonight.
What I'm buying:
Terry cloth towels at Goodwill for my new project. (see below)
What I'm wearing:
gray skirt, purple shirt, white socks.
What I'm thankful for:
That even though I let my Savior down, He is always faithful.
What I'm creating:
I am going to start working on a braided rug for the kids bathroom.
What I'm praying:
Traveling mercies for my Sweetie as he travels for work.
What I'm planning:
Tonight I am going to work on one of my responsibilities in our co-op; teaching and explaining the hymn Rejoice, Ye Pure In Heart.
What I'm looking forward to:
Co-op on Wednesday, a church dance practice this week, and getting together with friends next weekend.
A picture to share:

Bookworm and a friend at our church's dance practice last month.