Teacup Tales

My friend Lisa on her blog, is asking her friends to post a tale about a favorite teacup. So here is my Teacup Tale.

I love all things tea and teacups have a very special place in my heart. From the time I was very little I remember my mom's teacup collection. She was always adding to it, when she would travel, from garage sales, gifts from friends...one cup at a time. She displayed them in a large hutch and had so many that some had to be stored in boxes. Once in a while, we would have a tea party. I would feel so grown up with a dainty china teacup in my hand.

Sadly, the Lord took my mom home to Him over 11 years ago. She was blind and had many health problems but it seemed they only made her faith stronger. She would have bad days, days when she was down, but she would cling to the promises found in the scriptures. She was a very real person, who hated her sin and loved her Savior more. When she passed away, my sister and I split up the collection. I don't have many teacups displayed because I don't have room for a hutch in my dining room, but I have a few in my kitchen and in my room. And when the urge hits me, I have a tea party for my three little girls using her teacups. We might talk about girl things, funny things or serious things and sometimes I tell them stories about their grandmother. Here is a picture of one of my favorites:

So when I see a teacup I think of her, of my childhood with her; but more importantly where she is now, and the hope that is heaven.


  1. I love that - what sweet memories God has given you. ((HUG))

  2. That was beautiful, Charlotte. I remember your mother, and her incredible joy.
    My mom collects teacups too, and I hope God blesses me with daughters someday so that we can have girly tea parties. Otherwise I will have to teach my son about the masculine side of tea. ;)

  3. I love your story and your memories! So special! And what a wonderful way to share with the girls. That is a gorgeous teacup! Thank you for sharing!

    Charlotte, if you don't mind - I can link this up at my blog for you. I seem to remember that you weren't sure how to do it?

  4. What a beautiful story to go along with your beautiful tea cup. It always amazes me how such memories are attached to certain things.
    Blessings to you!

  5. Charlotte, that's a beautiful story ~ thank you for sharing. What precious and tender memories you have of your Mom and I love how you can now share them with your own girls. :)
    Have a beautiful, Jesus filled day!


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