Double Digit Girl

Today my sweet Bookworm turns 10. She is becoming such a young lady! Here are some memories:

5 weeks old, almost ready to come home from the hospital.

23 months old and loves spaghetti.

5 years old at the park.

7 years old and loves to ride her bike.

Today, her 10th birthday, at the park playing with her brother and sisters. Tonight we are having lasagna, (her choice) birthday cake and playing some games.

Thank you Lord for this precious blessing! May You continue to lead her in grace as You draw her nearer to Yourself.


  1. Happy Birthday!
    She is such a gorgeous combo of mom & dad!!

  2. Beautiful post, Charlotte! I can't get over how teeny tiny she is in that 5 week picture - wow!

    And her picture from today - quite a beautiful girl!
    Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Bookworm! What sweet pictures!

  4. They all grow so fast. Happy Birthday! Little decade girl. I pray for many more blessed years in God's grace for you.

  5. Happy Birthday Bookworm! What a blessing you are, and - I'm certain - will continue to be! Enjoy your special day!!

  6. Happy Birthday to Bookworm!! I keep forgetting that she and B are the same age!

  7. I somehow missed this entry - how sweet! All your kids are such a beautiful mix of you and James. :)


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