Country Presentations

This last month in our co-op we have been studying the Western Hemisphere. All of the children prepared oral presentations on a country they had chosen; the younger ones listing some facts while the older ones had to do some research on an area of that country (i.e. cuisine, geographical features, government...) Here are Mr. Lego and Bookworm's presentations:

Mr. Lego - US Government

There are three branches in our government. The first is the Legislative. In that branch is Congress which has both the House of Representatives and the Senate. They make our laws. The Executive branch holds the office of the president and vice president and they enforce the laws. Finally the judicial branch holds the Supreme Court. They listen to court cases and make decisions based on the laws. Our government is well organized.

Bookworm - Canada's Climate

I am doing a report on the climate in Canada. There are 7 different climate zones but I am only going to talk about three today. The first one is the arctic. The arctic is very cold and is unfrequented because most people live in the southern part of Canada where it is warmer. The next one is the mountains. This area has snow in the winter time and rain in the summer time. It does not get very hot there. The last area is the plains. The plains have snow during the winter months and humid rains and thunderstorms during the summer months. If I had to pick where to live in these three different zones, I would live in the mountains because it is pretty up there and you get snow.

Also yesterday, Dasher recited the first half of a poem we are all memorizing - 'The Sparrow' by Paul Laurence Dunbar.

They all did very well! Last week Nutsy did stand up and say her name, age and chosen country (what we are requiring of the preschoolers) but I didn't have my camera!


  1. I am so sorry to have missed the presentations! We were thinking of you all and missing our time together.


  2. Don't you just love our Co-Op? Nancy has great ideas. :)

  3. Good job! And very cute, too! :)


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