Our Homeschooling Curriculum 2009

So our homeschooling year starts for us next Tuesday. I am doing some of the same things from last year and also making some curriculum changes. So here is my curriculum plans, for each child.

Mr. Lego & Bookworm

Bible - Balancing the Sword
Math - Math U See (at their individual levels)
History - Mystery of History Vol. 1
Vocabulary - Total Language Plus (TLP)
Spelling - TLP
Copywork/Dictation - TLP
Reading/Reading Comprehension - TLP
Grammar - Simply Grammar (at their individual levels)
Writing - Co-op assignments, journal writing, Story Starters


Bible - Balancing the Sword
Math - Math U See
History - Mystery of History Vol. 1
Phonics - The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading
Writing/Spelling - Spell, Say, Write
Language - First Language Lessons


Bible - Balancing the Sword
History - Mystery of History Vol. 1
Preschool work - Rod & Staff ABC Series

We will also be learning some subjects in our weekly co-op:


Memorization (scripture and poetry)
Composers (Elgar, Williams, Grieg, Ravel)
Artists (Raphael, Sanzio, Sargent, Monet)
Art Instruction

To explain, I teach Bible and history to all 4 at the same time and just require more from the older ones. The two younger ones narrate and the older ones do a combination of paragraph writing and narration. Total Language Plus is a literature based curriculum which covers a lot of subjects (spelling, vocabulary, dictation, etc.) This year we are going to study the books 21 Balloons, The Bronze Bow and one other book that is still to be determined.

So my new curriculum this year is Mystery of History and Balancing the Sword. Last year we finished going through all of history, beginning with creation and ending with the Persian Gulf War, which took us 5 years. So now we are starting all over again, with a highly recommended, fun filled history curriculum. Balancing the Sword will take us through the Bible, a chapter at a time, with questions and points to discuss.

I would love to hear what my homeschooling friends are going to be doing this year as well!


  1. Oh, I am excited about you using Balancing The Sword! Our friend Kate showed me the books, and I have it in my mind as a possible resource down the line. I can't wait to hear how it works in your family.


  2. Charlotte, it sounds like you are all ready to go! I will be praying as you embark on this new year! I will also be following this blog to hear updates as to how it is going. I am interested in the BTS curriculum and would love to hear your review of it.



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