Autumn Nature Walk

This last week two of the families in our co-op were gone, so the remaining mom and myself decided to take the kids on a nature walk. I try to follow a lot of principles in our homeschooling from Charlotte Mason and nature walks is one area that I have woefully neglected. So my friend introduced me to the Handbook of Nature Study, both the title of a book by Anna Comstock and the name of this blog. On the blog, a sweet lady named Barb has put together different challenges, based on the seasons and meant to take place in your own backyard. There are even free downloads of notebook pages for the children to complete and to help with the observation process. I am still exploring this site and am very excited by what I see!

Anyways, we all met at Magistra Amy's house, who had graciously put together our nature walk with the focus on cattails. After having our Circle Time, we drove 5 minutes to a small greenbelt area. Everyone started searching for the cattails.

The kids found them quickly; they were very close to the path and easy to walk up to for close observation.

We examined how soft they were, talked about them being edible, and basically let the kids explore the cattail patches.

Mr. Lego, thinking about taking a bite. (Actually it is the roots and stalk that are edible.)

The little ones were explorers too; it is amazing how kids are so curious. Here is Nutsy with an acorn.

And here is Nutsy's little friend with another seed.

My blog title as you noticed is Autumn Nature Walk; well this did happen the second day of fall, but it was about 95 degrees out that day. The moms survived with iced coffees from McD's while we had lots of water bottles for the kids. (There are privileges to being the teacher!) After our walk we headed back to Amy's house for a delicious pumpkin dessert. This was a really fun afternoon and inspired me to continue to try to take those nature walks, even if it is only in our backyard.


  1. Awww - very sweet! And I have very few pics of me with my kids - I'm so glad the shot you got is me partially hidden but still there! LOL I didn't get any pics of you - next time we need to do that. :)

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  3. So that's what happens when I delete a comment...

    We had so much fun Dawn! And I love that picture of your little guy. You don't need a picture of me... :)

  4. That looks like a wonderful way to explore outside Charlotte - what a lovely time! I love that you had iced coffees - makes it even better! :) Cute pics!

  5. Looks like great fun with two wonderful families! God's people - who've heard and seen him in the gospel - should have the greatest appreciation for how he shows himself in/through nature... it is so beautiful and complex! Great pics, Charlotte!


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