Two Gentlmen of Verona

So this whole summer, Mr. Lego has been a part of a group of homeschooled kids in our church putting on Shakespeare's Two Gentlemen of Verona. He had two short lines, but then a paragraph long whopper line in classic Shakespearean English. And this last Friday was the performance. Here he is before the play.

His part came in the last three scenes of the play, so we got to watch Valentine and Proteus head to Milan, fall in love with the same woman, listen to smart servants who gave advice, and impertinent ones who were rather saucy (for a servant). We saw a foolish guy serenade (off key) a lady, the Duke lock his lovely daughter in a tower and another lady disguise herself as a servant. Finally Act V, scene 2 started and Mr. Lego, playing the Duke's servant Froth, told everyone in many words that the lady Silvia had escaped.

There were a few seconds where we weren't sure if the long line was going to get finished but he made it through!

He was also in an outlaw gang that hid in the forest.

The outlaws captured our hero, Valentine and made him their leader.

The play ends happily, with our hero saving the day and getting the girl. Here is Mr. Lego taking his bow at the end:

They all did an incredible job...the director was 17 years old and they did it all - props, costumes, everything without any of us parents helping. I can't wait until next summer's production!


  1. this looks like fun! I remember being in plays when I was younger and I loved it. I'm wondering what happened to my lack of stage fright. :)

  2. How fun! And it looks like alot of care and time went into it.

  3. Good job Mr. Lego!! Looks like so much fun!

  4. That sure takes some guts, Mr. Lego! When I was a kid, I got so afraid one time that during my lines I just walked off the stage... seems odd I like public speaking now. Anyway, I was very thrilled to see you and hope you will continue to participate in the future. We're all very proud of you!! :)


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