Our Co-op

This year, for the first time in our homeschooling, we are going to join a co-op. It is a small one, with only 4 other families from our church and it is called Matres Magistres.

There will be 14 children ages 4-14 and all the moms will be sharing the teaching equally. We will meet weekly for an hour and a half, rotating houses. We will start our time together with Circle Time, where we will go through 4 different elements led by each of the moms; hymns, memorization, artists and composers. Then each mom will teach geography and art instruction on a monthly rotation. I am really excited about this filling some of the holes in our homeschooling and blessed to have friends to help me along the way. Next week I hope to post our school schedule...


  1. You have a blog!! I didn't know that. I'm very excited. Love finding new blogs. And this co-op is exciting! I Joined one this year and I'm super thrilled to start.

  2. Charlotte - that's great! I think you'll really enjoy it!

  3. Thanks, y'all! I am really excited to be doing a co-op.

    Stef, I would love to hear more about the co-op you decided to join.


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