Church Family Camp Day 1 & 2

A couple weeks ago we went on our church's annual family camping trip. This was definitely a memorable one, but aren't they all? It was a 3 night, 4 day trip at a beautiful lake here in N. California so the weather should be at least comfortably nice, right? Nope. The nights were in the low 30's and one day I don't think we hit 60 degrees. And we were tent camping...thankfully I did check the weather and we brought warm clothes and some quilts, but the kids were still pretty cold.

We set up our stuff then played Ninja Destruction, a fun game that even the little kids could play.

After dinner we had our evening devotions and then started some Speed Scrabble and Mafia games. Then the craziness started. The guys were all on one side of our group campsite when one of them spotted a momma bear and her cub, sitting in our pastor's car. Then a second cub was spotted up a nearby tree. The momma was munching on our pastors wife's world famous white chocolate popcorn (3 bags!) and no one wanted to go near her because of the cubs. Finally she got out with a loaf of bread (after the car alarm was set off a couple times) and then people realized that she has a third cub. She ran through camp a couple times, (a lot of us were standing on tables) charged one of our brave elders and a couple of other crazy campers from another site who were trying to help, and then took off. It was late so the little kids were already sleeping in the tents (the tents that the bear ran by) so no one panicked. I was bummed because I never got her picture, even though she came back 4 times the next night.

The next day in the morning we played another game, the Sign Game and then talked around the fire.

Then we headed to the lake. This sign was not kidding.

There is the Polar Bear Swim.

It was raining when we got back so we erected tarps over the tables so we could at least be dry when we ate.

It was too cold to wander from the fire we huddled it around until bedtime.


  1. Wow, want an eventful trip! Sounds like you guys had fun amidst all the craziness though. :)

  2. I love this post and I love love our church! This was a really wonderful trip.


  3. Thanks, was fun!

    Kate, I love our church too!

  4. Wow - what a camping trip! I love to camp and it sounds like so much fun, but the bear thing would have really scared me! Now you have camped with bears and rain, so you can handle any camping trip! :)

  5. Thanks, Lisa. After camping at Stumpy Meadow last year with no showers or flush toilets, then this year with the cold, rain and visiting're right, I think I can handle any camping trip! LOL


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