Hello Blog World!

So our family has taken the plunge...we are officially bloggers. In the past we have sent out a Gazette by email to our friends and family, written mostly by the kids to let everyone in on our happenings. It had been a chore for me to compile it all into an issue so we thought blogging would be the next best thing.

Occasionally I will have the children share their stories, narration and craziness on here; I will also be contributing posts about what we do and whatever else I feel like writing about. My first priority is being a help meet to my husband and a mother to my children so I can't promise that I will update as often as you might like.

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  1. Yah! You're first post....so exciting. Madie is going crazy right now because she saw the picture of Mr. Lego. She keeps pointing at him and yelling! Make sure you tell him!

  2. FUN! You are inspiring me to (maybe) take up blogging again...hehe!

    Looking forward to lots of upcoming posts from a family we dearly love. :)


  3. Oh, yippie!! Welcome to blogdom. The water is warm you know.

    I love your header!! So cute. See you soon!!


  4. Welcome to the blogworld! Love the kiddos' nicknames. =0) Happy blogging...
    Jenny W

  5. Oh Charlotte - I just LOVE your blog!! You did such a lovely job setting it up and I can't wait to read more! The kids' pics are so sweet!

  6. Great site. Lots of news and great pictures of the kids.

  7. Wow... I randomly clicked to this off of Mrs. Lutz's blog, and now I can't believe who I found. :) Don't know if you'll remember me, but I remember you. In fact, Mrs. Worley has just been visiting us for a week and you even came up in conversation! :)
    What a wonderfully fun surprise to see pictures of your children here - I can see you in each one of them.
    Blessings to you!
    ~Dr. Bennett's daughter :)

  8. Melissa! What a surprise to find you! I actually went back to Mary Anne's blog and found your blog...your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Your little one is so very cute! Thanks for visiting my blog.


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