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{Homeschool Product Review} ~ Home School in the Woods

I absolutely love hands on learning. And Home School in the Woods, with their plethora of products in their A La Carte series, has so many hands on products to choose from.

I chose two games to play with and review: Name That State! File Folder Game, and Westward Ho! File Folder Game.

Name That State!

This game came at the perfect time. This semester, we are learning the locations of all 50 states and their capitals.

The game comes as a downloadable pdf, which has everything you need.

There are detailed instructions, which are very helpful, since all of the game pieces and cards need to be printed out. There are even instructions for doing double sided printing.

This is called a File Folder Game because you adhere the game board to the inside of a file folder.

There are actually three different game boards you can choose from, based on the ability and age of your students:

You can just print a game board with state names and match the shape, you can print off a game board that has the …

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