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{#abcblogging} E is for Eggs

E is for Eggs.

Eggs are good for you. Actually, quite good for you. They are the second most complete food, right behind momma's milk.

A couple of years ago, My Sweetie and I began cutting out a lot of carbs from our diet, which meant completely changing our breakfasts. And because we didn't want sausage and yogurt everyday, this meant eating more eggs.

Trying to do the same thing and need some ideas? Here were some of my breakfasts this last week....

Scrambled eggs with cheese.

Now I am pretty lazy when it comes to scrambled eggs. I put a little butter in the pan, let it melt, and then crack the eggs directly into the pan. Sometimes as I am mixing I add a splash of milk, sometimes not.

On the mornings when I know I am working out or have a longer time until lunch, I will add a little bit of carbs - here is it a quarter of a bagel with some cream cheese.

Another morning it was a little bit of bacon. One of the girls fried up a few pieces and then I scrambled the eggs in the th…

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