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{#abcblogging} J and K is for Jobs in the Kitchen

I took some time off from blogging, and missed the letter J. And since K is already this week I am combining them for....

Jobs in the Kitchen

There are always jobs in the kitchen. And definitely enough for more than one person to do. I feel like this is great grounds for training kids to do chores and to help out the family. There are so many ways to do this and every family does things differently, according to their needs. So here are some of my thoughts:

Start Young

A three year-old child can take their own plate in and help wipe down the table. They might miss a spot here and there when wiping,  or spill stuff off their plate on the way to the sink, but when they are this young, you are more forming chore habits than getting something clean. Be consistent and have them do their job each evening. And remember to progress and change the jobs as they get older.

Possible Kitchen Jobs:
sweep floorswipe countertopswipe cabinet frontssave leftoverswipe down the stoveput away dishestake out …

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