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{Homeschool Product Review} ~ Math Refresher for Adults

If you been reading my homeschooling reviews for a while, you know I have a hard time with math. So when Math Refresher for Adults from Math Essentials came up for review, I knew I would love to try it out.

This is a softcover, consumable book that is meant for adults to use as a math refresher.

And lest you are even intimidated by that, here is the list of topics:

Whole NumbersFractionsDecimalsPercentsGeometryIntegersCharts and GraphsWord ProblemsPre-Algebra and Algebra
See? Basic stuff. 
Each page is set up the same way. There are four review questions at the top. In all of the topic sections except for algebra, these questions are only on the topic in that section, which makes it easy to move from section to section based on your needs. There are helpful hints, which give a very basic overview on solving these problems. Then there are between eight and twelve problems to solve. And at the bottom of every page is a word problem. I loved this, because word problems is where we see mat…

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