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{#abcblogging} H is for Homemade Salsa

By now you must know that I love things homemade. It is healthier, and most of the time is more economical. It can take a little bit more of your time but as you'll see with my homemade salsa, it's really doesn't take too long and is SO worth it.

First off, my Roasted Tomatillo Salsa. Or if you prefer en Espanol, Salsa Verde.

You start off with fresh tomatillos.

Now I'll be honest here, these things used to freak me out. You know, they sit in the exotic section of the produce area - right next to the rutabagas, jicama and those green cactus thingys.

But something happened a few years ago when I was shopping. I was looking for canned tomatillos - what I used then - and asked a store employee, who happened to be Hispanic. He checked and they were sold out, but then he said they were very easy to make. He took me over to that exotic area and showed me the fresh ones. He said that all you did was to take the outer husk off the tomatillos, place in a pot with a jalapeno, co…

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