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Our Saltwater Nano Reef Tank: Setting It Up & Bottom Dwellers

As the children are moving out, creatures are moving in.

Our oldest moved out to his own place a couple of years ago and left a space in his room, which we finally decided to use as a spot for a fish tank.

We checked out a few nearby fish stores and found one in particular that seemed pretty knowledgeable. We went into this whole thing thinking we were going to be doing a fresh water system, but got lured by the amazing colors of the saltwater fish, coral and reef on the saltwater side of the store. We did some research, budgeted for the system and this last June, took the plunge. Literally.

Saltwater takes a little time to set up, so the first thing we did was get some live reef rock and sand. Live basically means there are living organisms in the rock and sand. They went into our tank - it was fun deciding on the configuration of our reef pieces - and then we added saltwater. All fish stores that sell saltwater fish also sell saltwater too.

We did opt for a complete tank kit, that c…

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