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{Homeschool Product Review} ~ Progeny Press

Literature is an important part of our homeschooling. And having a study guide from Progeny Press is a huge help. I received The Green book - eGuide to use with my youngest.

The first thing we did was read the book. It is only 70 pages long and with a 3-5th graded reading level. The story is an interesting one:

A father and his children, along with many others, are fleeing a dying Earth in a spaceship. After four years they land on a distant planet, very different than the one they knew. As they settle on this planet, which they name Shine, they explore a place where it only rains at night, the grass is like glass, and giant moths fly about. They struggle to grow food and survive, but they still have hope that they can live in this amazing place.

The eGuide opens in Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can either print off the eGuide, or you can use the interactive feature, and have your student fill in the answers.

The eGuide is divided up by chapter. You can easily do one chapter a week and wi…

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